Happy Onam 2022 status video download for whatsapp instagram fb

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Happy Onam 2022 Status Video Download – People of Kerala celebrate the Onam festival every year with great joy and enthusiasm. It is celebrated to mark the return of the legendary King Mahabali to his home. Onam falls in the Malay month of Chingam (August-September). The celebrations began on the 30the August but the main festival will be held on the 8the September.Happy Onam 2022 Status Video Download

Happy Onam 2022 Status Video Download

According to mythology, King Mahabali was a great ruler who defeated Devtas and took over the three worlds. At the request of Devtas, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vaman (a small brahmin) and asked the king to give him the 3 worlds as a donation. Therefore, King Mahabali was exiled to a lower kingdom, but Lord Vishnu offered him a boon that he can return home once a year. Onam commemorates the King’s return home.

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Happy Onam 2022 Status Video Download – Onam Status Videos

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Happy Onam 2022 Status Video Download

Wishing everyone a happy and festive Onam! Happy Onam!

May King Mahabali bless you and your family on the occasion of Onam! Happy Onam!

I hope you enjoy the Onam party with your family and friends! I wish you a beautiful and Happy Onam!

I wish you a colorful and beautiful Onam! Happy Onam!

May you be blessed with happiness, prosperity and health! wishing you a Happy Onam!

Happy Onam 2022 Status Video Download

സന്തോഷം, സമൃദ്ധി, ആരോഗ്യം എന്നിവയാൽ നിങ്ങൾ അനുഗ്രഹിക്കപ്പെടട്ടെ! Ahead!

I hope you enjoy a joyous and divine Onam! May God’s blessings always be upon you!

Ahead! Ahead!

Happy Onam 2022 Status Video Download

happy onam for you and your family! I hope you enjoy the holidays to the fullest!

that the spirit of Onam always be with you and guide you on the right path! Happy Onam!

I wish you a happy and peaceful Onam! May the day bring good luck to you and your family!

Happy Onam! May the day bring laughter and positivity in your home! God bless you!

I wish you a blessing Onam! May you achieve success in all your endeavors!

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