Hammergaard Takes Two Top 10s At Westminster

SNOWBIRD, Utah—Senior emma hammergaard earned a pair of top-10 finishes as the women’s alpine team kicked off their 2023 season for the Colorado Buffaloes ski team here Thursday at the Westminster Invitational.

With two slalom races on the agenda, Hammergaard finished eighth in both races and was joined by graduate student kaitlyn harsch the top 10 of the first race when she finished seventh.

“Snowbird did a good job setting up the field,” Alpine coach Chad Wolk saying. “They watered the field for the last few days and then they got 10 inches of snow that we had to shove, but it held up really well.”

in the first race Elena Exenberger she was the 20th-place third-place finisher for CU before breaking her pole in the final race of the day to earn a DNF in the second race. Harsch had three solid races, but had to walk his first race of race two to finish in 26th place. cleo brown he finished 25th in the first race and 23rd in the second.

The Buffs earned 62 team points in the first race and 47 in the second to finish the day on 109 points in sixth place. Utah and Denver battled in the two races and finished within a point of each other atop the standings with the Utes taking a 182-181 lead over the Pioneers. Montana State is third with 129, followed by Alaska Anchorage (127) and host Westminster (111).


With only four healthy skiers on the women’s alpine team, days like this can happen especially when student-athletes are asked to ski two runs—four full runs—in one day. The men’s team has more depth and should be able to bounce back and move up the rankings a bit on Friday. Next week at Montana State, GS racing will play more on the strength of the Buffs.


The Westminster Invitational will conclude on Friday with two men’s slalom races. The teams will then head to Bozeman for a pair of Giant Slalom races early next week.


  • The Buffs scored 109 points, 62 in the first race and 47 in the second.


  • Hammergaard finished eighth in both races. He now has 41 career starts from him, finishing 33 with 31 top-20 and 17 top-10 starts.
  • Harsch finished seventh in the first race and 26th in the second race. He has now started 46 races in his career with 38 finishes, 25 in the op 20 and five in the top 10, all in slalom.
  • Exenberger finished 20th in the first race and did not finish the second race. He finished 10 of the 13 races of his career, all in the top 20.
  • Braun competed in the ninth and 10th races of her career and after finishing just one slalom race as a freshman, she finished both on Thursday, placing 25th in the first race and 23rd in the second.

MONTANA STATE INVITATION TEAM SCORES (Up to 2 of 4 runs)—1. Utah 182; 2. Denver 181; 3. State of Montana 129; 4. Alaskan Anchorage 127; 5. Westminster 111; 6. Colorado 109; 7. Nevada 58; 8. Colorado Mountain 29.

FEMALE SLALOM #1 (34 college finalists)—1. Madison Hoffman, USA, 1:37.83; 2. Sara Rask, DU, 1:37,99; 3. Michelle Kerven, USA, 1:38.19; 4. Nora Brand, DU, 1:39,48; 5. Ella Bronee, UAA, 1:39.55; 6. Evelina Fredricsson, WMC, 1:39.81; 7. kaitlyn harsch, CU, 1:39.82; 8. emma hammergaard, CU, 1:39,92; 9. Kristiane Bekkestad, MSU, 1:40.14; 10. Eleri Smart, DU, 1:40.16. Other CU finishers: 20. Elena Exenberger, 1:42.22; 25 cleo brown1:43.47.

FEMALE SLALOM #2 (31 college finalists)—1.Sara Rask, DU, 1:34.49; 2. Madison Hoffman, 1:35,92; 3. Michelle Kerven, USA, 1:36.00; 4. Nora Brand, DU, 1:36,43; 5. Justine LaMontagne, MSU, 1:37.43; 6. Ella Bronee, UAA, 1:38.26; 7. Kristine Bekkestad, MSU, 1:38.71; 8. emma hammergaard, CU, 1:39.20; 9. Ylva Falksete, 1:39,69; 10. Galena Wardle, DU, 1:39.97. Other CU finishers: 23. cleo brown, 1:42.07; 26 kaitlyn harsch, 1:46.17. Did not finish second race: Elena Exenberger.