GvK 2 Details Mean The MonsterVerse May Explain What Happened To Anguirus

Details on Adam Wingard Godzilla vs Kong 2 put the MonsterVerse in a good position to finally explain what happened to Anguirus. Although his name was not mentioned within the movie itself, Anguirus was shown to be an ancient and long-dead MonsterVerse titan in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. However, as of now, her role has yet to be officially confirmed by Legendary.

In a tweet made in 2019, king of the monsters Director Michael Dougherty drew attention to a skeleton seen in Godzilla’s underwater city. Upon close inspection, it became hard to deny that these are the bones of Anguirus, the ankylosaur-like kaiju that helped Godzilla save the world in both of them. Destroy all monsters Y Godzilla vs. Gigan during the Showa era. The skeleton shares the distinctive physical features of Anguirus, including those that set it apart from all known species of ankylosaurus. Whether it was just an Easter egg or not, the inclusion of the skeleton in the film confirms that this creature existed in MonsterVerse history.


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Since then king of the monsters, Questions about Anguirus’ place in the MonsterVerse have persisted. As expected, Godzilla vs. Kong didn’t answer them, but the sequel certainly can, especially considering what the story is. A Godzilla vs Kong 2 The plot synopsis confirmed that it will revolve around a “undiscovered threat hidden deep within our world” while exploring the “titan stories.” If the sequel is going to spend a significant amount of time in the Hollow Earth (and in the ancient past), there should be ample opportunity for an explanation of Anguirus’ fate combined with the introduction of a current member of his species.

Who killed Anguirus from the MonsterVerse?

It’s not clear how Anguirus died, but there are several ways to answer this question. First of all, there are hints that various monsters fought in the War of the Titans, so Anguirus could certainly have been one of them. Also, it is possible that Godzilla’s underwater city was one of the battlefields of the war. If so, Anguirus could have been killed by one of Kong’s ancestors. Or, it might be discovered that he was a casualty of a battle with Godzilla vs Kong 2undiscovered threat”, be it an established Toho monster like Gigan or an original MonsterVerse Titan. Either of these reveals would allow Anguirus to fit perfectly into the sequel’s story.

Of course, any direct mention of Anguirus in Godzilla vs Kong 2 that’s unlikely to happen unless the movie also plans to have a new version appear in person. As both Dougherty and Wingard have pointed out, buying the rights to Toho kaiju can be expensive. For that reason, it makes sense that if the sequel is going to use Anguirus, the Titan will have a significant role in the story, possibly as an ally to Godzilla and Kong against the main villain.

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