Green Builder Media Announces Green Leaders of 2022

Who are the leaders in the construction industry? Companies that nail the concept of Circular Economy.

Green Builder Green Leaders Report 2022

Download this issue and learn how manufacturers are changing processes and products to help reduce pollution, waste, and climate change.

Download this issue and learn how manufacturers are changing processes and products to help reduce pollution, waste, and climate change.

Lake City, Colo., Sept. 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Green Builder Media has chosen 12 companies to feature as shining examples of corporate responsibility.

“This year’s Green Leaders were chosen because they have moved toward circular thinking,” explains Matt Power, editor-in-chief of Green Builder. “They are changing corporate culture, resource chains, and manufacturing processes to reduce material volume, energy, or water, or all three.”

This exclusive report addresses how EPDs, ESG, Cradle-to-Cradle and other criteria affect building performance, offering replicable insights for companies and organizations interested in reducing their environmental impact.

Even as Green Builder celebrates these sustainable leaders, Power points out that more work needs to be done. “The ultimate goal, which none of our winners, by the way, have yet achieved, is to create a ‘closed loop,’ where products are made, sold, and ultimately repurchased and remanufactured into useful items, all with zero input of energy or raw material. means.”

While the goal is ambitious, Power believes it could be achieved soon if companies take their environmental responsibilities seriously. “In fact, we would raise the bar even higher,” he says. “Before thinking about expansion, companies must achieve ‘full circle’ manufacturing. Otherwise, they are simply making the Climate Emergency worse.”

Click here to read about these forward-thinking companies that are making a difference, including these featured:

LG Electronics USA–Know the company’s unique waste treatment process.

Niagara–Read about how this company reduces water through technological innovation.

Rheem Manufacturing–This is how Rheem advances smart decarbonization products for the benefit of homeowners and the environment.

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