Great games you need to play with your chat on stream

Unless they have a unique niche, finding a new game to stream can be a challenge for prolific streamers. This goes double for streamers who want to interact with the chat As often as possible. While there is a long list of games that streamers go through for chat interactions, some may want a new game to introduce in the chat.

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The following games vary in size and gameplay, but what is certain is that they have a lot of interactivity. With these games, streamers can build something great with chat, cooperate with them on twisted maps, or compete in high-stakes environments. most are in Steam also, or do not require installation in part of the chat, which can facilitate participation. These are the best games on steam to play with chat.



10 king of the castle

The queen hears rumors as her court plots during a banquet

Streamers with a playfully combative relationship with their chat will have fun king of the castle. The political party game pits streamers against their chat in a faction war. Streamers can play with up to 24 of their chat, who will act as their nobles in court.

Due to recent developer changes, streamers have a better chance of turning the tide against their chat. They can win by outsmarting their chat, devising ways to vote against the interests of others via chat commands in broadcast mode. If they can establish an Heir and complete their Ambition before the nobles complete their Plan or Rebellion, then the streamer can win.

9 Omega strikers

The Omega Strikers goal screen

Fast-paced, colorful and full of personality, Omega strikers is a 3v3 “foot fighting” game. Streamers can team up with two chat members to battle against three other chatters as they try to score goals while battling each other. With over 15 forwards with unique abilities, it can feel like a mix of League of Legends‘ ARAM mode and Super Smash Bros.

Once streamers master the basics, they may even consider going competitive. The developers announced a NA Pro-League Invitational as their first official tournament for the game. The NA central servers will host the games to test their capacity.

8 idol showdown

Idol Showdown character Coco next to her image in the game

With over 73 million subscribers across all YouTube channels as of May 2023, it’s no surprise that vtubers under hololive it would inspire top-tier fan games. idol showdown is the latest fan game to hit the market for free, and the talents at Hololive are already streaming their gameplay to thousands of subscribers.

idol showdown is a character fighter where every playable fighter is a vtuber. Players have grapplers, glass cannons, vtubers meant for footsies or zoning, and other archetypes you’d expect from a standard fighting game. It’s also full of nice nods to Hololive lore, reversals, and an active PvP mode that streamers can use to fight with their chat.

7 demonologist


demonologist follows the proud tradition of games like phasmophobia and Deception. Streamers are tasked with leading a group of up to 4 of their chat members to identify and exorcise the evil spirit lurking on the map. In addition to the chilling care of Unreal Engine 5 graphics, demonologist it is unique among horror co-ops for its exorcism and character customization.

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Streamers start with a typical investigation of the map with their chat. After finding enough clues, they are able to identify the type of their enemy. Once they do this, they can fully exorcise the enemy after completing the objectives related to it. But if going straight to the objective is too boring, streamers can also search for secret rooms on each map with their chat.

6 survival tests

A medic tries to save a player before an enemy ambushes him.

When Survive Released nearly a decade ago, it wowed horror fans with its visceral, shocking gore and jumpscares. With survival tests, streamers can now experience the suspense with friends or chat. Instead of being left behind, chat can now work with streamers to survive Murkoff’s trials together or put them at a disadvantage.

developer red barrel the claims cooperative is not obligated for obligatory objectives. But just like with games like survival tests, playing with a group can make it easier to trick enemies and hide from them. Numbers can also give players an advantage as they can put their minds together to solve various puzzles.

5 Starship Troopers: Extermination

Starship Troopers Extermination Trailer

Starship Troopers: Extermination is the latest addition to the oeuvre of the sci-fi satirical classic. Streamers can set up a 16-player lobby and lead their chat to recapture Planet Valaka. The action starts as soon as your ship hits the ground, so you must work together immediately to get through the arachnids and reach your targets.

Streamers are also tasked with rebuilding bases with their chat. Assault, support, and defense troops need to ping their locations to ensure clear communications. This can help them coordinate efforts between defending the base, gathering resources, and creating a path to the extraction point.

Emote Search Emoji Sample Grid

Emotes are an important part of every Twitch chat. Even big companies understand this, as evidenced by Pokemon‘s Lechonk becomes an emoticon when scarlet and violet pokemon he left. smiley search takes these popular emoticons and puts them in a fun place, word search-how game streamers can solve with their chat.

Streamers and their chat work together to search for emote strings on the main board. Players earn points when they type the coordinates of the sequence in the chat before anyone else. While it’s easy to get competitive, there’s an incentive to work together to reach higher levels in the game.

3 Smalland: surviving the wild


small and is a fascinating multiplayer game that allows players to explore a gigantic and beautiful land. Up to 10 players can team up to survive in this world where spiders are twice their size. With cooperation, streamers can gather resources, fend off huge insect enemies, and create a settlement anywhere in the world.

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Players can even tame insects to use as mounts, or use materials from them and the natural world to create powerful armor. Traders are also scattered throughout the visually stunning world, ready to trade with players. And so that players don’t get bored, they can now build catapults to defend their settlements.

2 Da Stream Charades

Promotional splash screen for Da Stream Charades

Da Stream Charades is an online game that is great for making friends and keeping a chat room going. Streamers just need to connect their account with the game client to start the game. Once they do, they get to a page where they can turn categories on and off.

Once they set up the game, all the streamer has to do is render the word. The first correct guess detected by the customer naturally wins the round.

1 HypeSquad

Netmarble promo art for HypeSquad

HypeSquad is an upcoming multiplayer action game from netmarblethe same publisher of marvel future fighttwo the king of fighters games, and bts world for mobile Squads of three can compete in a 20-squad free-for-all where combat is heavily focused on close range brawling and the casting of special abilities to turn the tide.

If streamers want to try HypeSquad now, they can join the NA server focus test. Netmarble’s target countries for the server include the US, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Spain, and Mexico. The developers aim to expand its reach in the coming months.

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