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“Women in Peril” thrillers have changed a lot since their inception, but no matter how far they’ve evolved, they always seem to start with a woman being watched by a stranger. The first in a series of original films for “Terror in Tubi” by Tubi event, Alone in the dark centers on a woman haunted by a recent scandal. Between legal problems and a complicated divorce, Bri Collins (brown boyfriend) hasn’t had an easy time, though if she can get through this year, her life might finally get better.

Alone in the dark take a page out of disturbs and condemns its protagonist to 365 days of house arrest. This comes after Bri and her ex-husband Michael (Christopher Bencomo) were tried by a global “pump and dump” scheme. While her ex is stuck behind bars, Bri serves her time at her lake house. What her best friend and her lawyer, Sofia (played by co-writer Kimberly Daugherty), says that “getting off easily” is more like torture for Bri. Her sheer boredom finally turns to dread when she suspects an intruder has been inside her house.

Unsurprisingly in a movie like this, the police don’t believe Bri; a detective named Joe Hall (Malcolm Goodwin) goes by only to suggest that the goings-on are nothing more than tidying up the house. Encouraged by Sofia to hire personal security, Bri convinces an ex-marine turned private investigator to help her. This Xavier character (terrell carter) is at first aloof and wants to keep things strictly commercial, but it’s pretty clear where the movie is headed with this flirtatious subplot.

Just when Alone in the dark starts to act too much like a cute encounter mystery, brant daugherty remember that you are actually directing a thriller. Having the stalker break into the night and beat Bri up had some potential, though this encounter ends up being the last point where the movie feels remotely suspenseful. The title of the movie may imply that she will be alone, but there is almost always someone around to keep Bri from being alone. Here was a real opportunity to use Bri’s prolonged isolation to fuel her paranoia and cloud her judgment. Instead, the Daughertys overload the cast, gradually abandoning the psychological aspect, and failing to make the most of Bri’s smart home as a prison.

In fact, the film lacks tension, but at least it starts to loosen up towards the end. Those first two and a half acts were like a long and fruitless warm-up exercise. Now, Novi Brown finally comes to life and takes advantage of every additional scene she finds herself in. The film also does an admirable job of hiding the stalker in plain sight, enough that the unmasking is little surprise. The culprit’s actor lets loose and gives an exaggerated but funny performance. Although it may seem like the mystery is being solved too soon, Bri quickly realizes something still isn’t adding up.

Alone in the dark he chose to pool his strength instead of distributing it evenly. The payoff isn’t so great or valuable that the shortcomings are overlooked, but the most patient and forgiving viewers may be pleasantly surprised by the ending.

Alone in the dark is now broadcasting on Tubi.


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