Games with the best versions of the Mushroom Kingdom

One of the most iconic locations in all of gaming, players were first introduced to the Mushroom Kingdom in 1985 with the release of the original. Super Mario Bros. Since then, gamers around the world have enjoyed exploring the surreal mushroom-themed wonderland in numerous titles. There have been many different ways the Mushroom Kingdom has been portrayed and reinterpreted over the years through countless titles, some better than others.

These games represented the Mushroom Kingdom in the best light, immersing players in the beloved setting. Please note that this is not an assessment of the quality of each game, but rather how well they represent the iconic location.


10 New Super Mario Bros U

Based on what had been shown of the Mushroom Kingdom in previous 2D Mario games, New Super Mario Bros U does an excellent job of showcasing the various biomes of the kingdom. These include the rainforests of Soda Jungle, the mountainous rock candy mines, the grasslands of Acorn Plains, and much more.

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Admittedly, this version of Mushroom Kingdom is a bit basic by Mario game standards, strictly adhering to Mario’s 2D level tropes. But what is shown is nonetheless vibrant and well-detailed, with enough interesting oddities to keep curious players interested.

9 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Mario RPGs often provide some of the most cohesive and well-rounded looks at the Mushroom Kingdom, and this first entry is no exception. super Mario Roleplaying Game, for the first time, it allowed players a rare opportunity to see the daily lives and homes of the land’s various inhabitants when Bowser wasn’t locking them up in castles or turning them into blocks.

Players even gain a basic insight into the Kingdom’s government, economic systems, and theology throughout the course of the adventure. Super Mariorole playing game he did an excellent job of taking what had existed up to that point as just a series of abstract-level concepts and turning it into a fully-fledged world.

8 super mario odyssey

Players travel throughout the Mario world and even travel to the moon in Super Mario Odyssey. As such, it was a pleasant surprise that as part of the later game, players were now able to explore a new location: the Mushroom Kingdom.

Essentially an enlarged version of Princess Peach’s Castle from Super Mario 64, this version of the kingdom was a nostalgic blast from the past with plenty of Easter eggs and references to previous Mario games waiting to be discovered. Most notably, the game’s main collectible moons are replaced with power stars, and players can use Cappy to possess Yoshi, who is napping on the castle’s roof.

7 Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time

The second title in Mario and Luigi Serie, Partners in time It offered players the unique opportunity to explore different locations in the Mushroom Kingdom decades ago and witness the devastation created by the invading Shroob aliens.

Some of these can actually be a bit disturbing, like Toadwood Forest, which had toads trapped in the trees and slowly draining their life energy. Overall though, it’s a lot of fun and offers a unique take on the iconic kingdom.

6 paper mario

follow up to super mario rpg, paper mario presented players with a paper version of the Mushroom Kingdom that made the world look like it existed inside a children’s pop-up book. Stylistic flourishes aside, this is easily one of the most complex depictions of the kingdom ever put on a cartridge, with tons of memorable locations and lovable characters.

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The excellent world building of this game goes a long way in making paper mario It feels like an epic journey as players travel the length and breadth of the kingdom in search of the spirits of the seven stars to stop Bowser.

5 Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

What is probably one of the strangest crossovers in history, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle sees the world of Mario combined with Ubisoft’s Rabbid franchise. The result is one of the most outlandish versions of the Mushroom Kingdom ever portrayed in a game.

What’s cool is how this game fully encompasses how absurd this crossover is. The Rabbids cause all kinds of havoc all over the world. It really is a joy to explore this version of the realm and witness sights like a bullet bill with a pair of Rabbid-themed underpants glued to its head.

4 mario kart 8

the Mario Kart The series has always been famous for allowing players the opportunity to race through the various locations of the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond. This latest entry is no exception, with an eclectic selection from all over Peach’s Domain. These include man-made (or Toad, technically) environments like Toad Harbor and Electrodrome, as well as more natural environments like Shy Guy Falls and Dry Bone Dunes.

It is never explained how any of these places connect to each other, nor how or why race tracks can be built through them. Nevertheless, mario kart 8 It shows aspects of the Mushroom Kingdom rarely seen in the main series.

3 Paper Mario: The Origami King

The last entry of paper mario The series was divisive, to say the least, but managed to deliver a solid new take on the Mushroom Kingdom nonetheless. This iteration included a number of new memorable locations, some of which are actually references to places in other games and in the real world.

These include Shogun Studios, which is based heavily on the real-life Edo Wonderland in Nikko, Japan; the many islands of the Great Sea; a clever reference to the scene of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker; and the Shangri-Spa hot spring resort, which is a reference to the mythical Tibetan valley.

two super mario 3d land

Super Mario 3D Land takes a rather utilitarian approach to its version of the Mushroom Kingdom with very abstract geography designed primarily to support the title’s level design.

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Nonetheless, there is something vibrant and eye-catching about the various locations in this game. The somewhat blocky aspect of the world creates a kind of back-to-basics feel that suits this version of the realm and makes it a joy to jump into.

1 Super Mario Bros.

This list wouldn’t be complete without the game that introduced gamers to everyone’s favorite fungal monarchy. While it may seem somewhat mundane after more than 35 years, it’s easy to forget how strange and amazing the Mushroom Kingdom was when players first explored it in 1985.

This place was a surreal fever dream of a place consisting of giant mushrooms, green pipes, and brick structures. It was also full of strange creatures, including walking mushrooms with angry eyes, giant tortoises, and man-eating plants. The Mushroom Kingdom has been reimagined and recreated countless times over the years, but there’s still a certain timeless appeal to this first iteration.

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