Games to play if you like Rumbleverse

Rumbleverse, the multiplayer fighting game from Epic Games, offers a fun and action-packed gaming experience. The game meshes well with other fighters with its own unique innovation: a battle royale format. You can play alone against 39 other players or in team mode against 19 other teams in a sprawling 3D environment, rather than a 2D platform. Your customizable brawlers have a vibrant look, with a style reminiscent of Fortnite.

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The Rumbleverse has hours of gameplay to offer as you search for new strategies, upgrades, and weapons that will give you an edge and ensure you emerge victorious. But if you are looking for a quick break from the game, there are plenty of other similar games that you can enjoy as well.


8 Nickelodeon Brawl Stars

A multiplayer fighting game with a dose of nostalgia? Count on us. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl brings together Nicktoons old and new in one incredible fighting game experience, one that fans of the Rumbleverse are sure to enjoy as well. You can play as SpongeBob SquarePants, Danny Phantom, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, even Hugh Neutron, and more familiar faces from Nickelodeon.

Play with friends locally or online as you battle through classic Nickelodeon locations. With its cast and fun settings, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl will take you back to your childhood.

7 Multi Versus

Another new game in the fighting genre, MultiVersus is a fresh and energetic experience similar to Rumbleverse. MultiVersus features a colorful cast of Warner Bros. intellectual property, including characters from DC Comics, Scooby Doo, Cartoon Network shows and more. Each character has a unique move set, unlockable boosts known as perks, and fighter type, allowing you to find the best playstyle for you.

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MultiVersus is a good choice for fans of online multiplayer combat and has a variety of game options, including solo and team play. As a recent release, you can also enjoy the hype of new characters being revealed as updates come out.

6 Supervision

Rumbleverse fans will no doubt enjoy Overwatch, which also breaks away from the traditional 2D fighting format and adds an exciting layer of combat and strategy mechanics to the fighting game genre. This team-based game features an exciting selection of unique characters to play as, the ability to progress and earn rewards, and a variety of game modes to choose from.

Overwatch also has the ability to customize your Overwatch Workshop experience, opening up the possibilities for almost endless fun. Plus, the upcoming sequel promises to be just as entertaining and exciting, if not more so.

5 knockout city

Knockout City combines the best of Battle Royale fighting with the best gym game ever: dodgeball. You can play with your friends to form the ultimate dodgebrawl. dream team, fighting opponents with powerful balls with a variety of special abilities. Each new season comes with a new set of unique dodgeballs, stages, and real-time events to be a part of.

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Rumbleverse players will enjoy the action-packed gameplay of Knockout City and the ability to customize your character to match your personality and style. You can even customize your team’s style!


ARMS, another game in the fighting genre, lets you play as a boxer, but with a twist. Instead of donning boxing gloves, you fight with spring-loaded mechanical arms to deliver the most powerful knockout blow. There are multiple fighters to choose from and some limited customization on which mechanical arms to equip, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Rumbleverse fans will enjoy this different twist on a fighting game. ARMS can be played multiplayer for up to four players and has a few different game modes to choose from.

3 Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The reigning king of the fighting game genre, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a natural choice for fans of the Rumbleverse. This classic Nintendo staple may not allow for the same massive online multiplayer experience, but its huge character roster, selection of stages, and items provide plenty of entertainment and challenge.

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With so many characters from every game in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you’ll be able to experiment and find the right fighter for your style. Also, you can play alone or with large groups of friends.

two fire emblem warriors

While not a traditional choice for the multiplayer fighting game genre, Fire Emblem Warriors is still a great choice for fans of the Rumbleverse. If you need a break from online multiplayer gaming, Fire Emblem Warriors is a nice reprieve. You can play with another person locally or on your own.

Its hack and slash gameplay is similar enough to the fighting game that fans of the Rumbleverse should be able to pick it up easily. Additionally, Fire Emblem Warriors has an intriguing story that can be enjoyed without prior knowledge of the Fire Emblem franchise.

1 Fall Guys

Another slightly offbeat option for players of the fighting game genre, Fall Guys appeals to fans of massively multiplayer online experiences. It can also provide a nice respite from the action-packed fighting style. A unique Battle Royale game, Fall Guys pits you against 59 other players as you try to beat them in mini-games that rely on a combination of puzzle solving, luck, and skill.

Though lacking in the combat department, Fall Guys still offers some engaging competition as you strive to be number one. The game continues to implement new skins and features to provide a fresh experience.

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