Games to play as the morgue attendant

As The Mortuary Assistant, you must embalm corpses and survive the night shift while being pursued by a demon who wants your soul. in this economy? There may be worse concerts.

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The Mortuary Assistant successfully delivers unique scares while giving you an actual job in the morgue that’s interesting enough on its own. She then throws in the whole “identify the demon before they possess you” mechanic to make things even more tense. If you want more horror goodness that has some of the same beats, these games will be perfect for you.


8 The closing turn

The Closing Shift trades hideous monsters and demonic entities for the real threat of a stalker. Much of the game actually plays like a barista simulator, with the added loop of cleaning and going to and from the coffee shop and your apartment.

As if the closing shift wasn’t exhausting enough, you also have to deal with the increasingly sketchy and obsessive behavior of a “customer” who seems too eager to wait for you to clock out. Which ending you get really depends on how you handle a situation that is more upsetting than finding out the espresso machine is broken.

7 Our secret below

Our Secret Below benefits from a gameplay loop that becomes more engrossing as you progress through the game. While the goal is essentially to escape your captor, there are plenty of secrets (and multiple endings) to uncover as you begin to experience increasingly surreal events.

Much like The Mortuary Assistant, most of the game takes place in a single location intended to mess with your mind a bit. A word of warning: this game does not save, so you will have to get out of the basement in one go.

6 Penance

If you are going to discover the nature of the deceased and fight against demons, then Penitence may also be the game that gives you that experience. Here, you return to your ruined home to uncover the mystery behind your daughter’s death. Naturally, supernatural shenanigans ensue.

This game relies more on atmosphere than scares (although there are some that can be found) to create that scare factor. With simple puzzles and a short story, Penitence is a quick horror title that you can finish in less time than it takes Carolyn to ask the Warrens for help in The Conjuring.

5 madison

Like Rebecca from Mortuary, Luca from Madison has the unfortunate situation of facing a wrathful entity that wants to possess him. As you try to make sense of the horrors around you and the lines between your world and the next, you must solve puzzles and face ghosts from the past, equipped with nothing more than a camera given to you for your birthday to protect you. .

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This psychological horror game is one of the most immersive titles you can dive into. Play this next if you like creepy statues, elevators you don’t want to get off, and familiar luggage.

4 Imposition

You are in a house looking for clues. There’s something else in the house looking for you. If you love the idea of ​​angry beings bothering you while you’re trying to figure things out, you might be cut out for retail. Alternatively, you could just play this game.

Infliction sets its mood very well, creating a constant dread using classic horror elements and the general feelings of unease that empty homes and bad memories tend to induce.

3 Devil Within Us: Roots of Evil

Some of the best horror leads are the ones who really have a goal and have interesting backstories. In this case, you wear the robes of Aughust Heylel, an elderly priest who can’t seem to let go of an exorcism gone wrong long ago. Considering your role as a priest and a medium, your main objective is to return to the home of the worst case scenario so far and finally exorcise the demonic entities that plague you.

Equipped with a rosary and crucifix, it combats the limitations of age as well as literal and personal demons. Go far enough and you’ll even get a shotgun, just like a real cloth man would.

two Five nights at Freddy’s

If you can’t get enough of appearances at work, then Five Nights At Freddy’s is definitely one you’ll definitely want to sink your teeth into. Arguably one of the games that rejuvenated the horror genre with a specific focus on trying to avoid fatal scares.

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You must survive five nights at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, working the night shift to protect the animatronic robots who tend to get nervous when the sun goes down. If we’re learning anything from these games, it’s that night shifts really should come with hazard pay.

1 phasmophobia

Why settle for identifying demons on top of your main job? In Phasmophobia, your real job is to gather enough evidence to know what kind of entity is lurking in various places. You have tons of equipment to capture paranormal activity, with the small caveat that using it will also cause angry ghosts to come after you.

You can purposefully piss off ghosts, use Ouija boards, and even light candles in a summoning circle, among other very bad ideas that will get you killed. It’s all part of the wonderful and spooky experience of being a ghost hunter.

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