Games that make heavy use of RNG

A common mechanic of many RPG titles is the use of random loot drops via random number generators. This adds another challenge to the game, as players rely on this randomness to get even better loot from their achievements. This can mean that a player must defeat the same boss more than once in hopes of getting a legendary weapon that he didn’t get the first time.

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RNG is also used through other methods, such as the chance to complete a skill check or the chance for an effect to damage an enemy, creating a diverse game. Some titles haven’t implemented RNG very well, while others executed the mechanic brilliantly.


10 Genshin Impact

gacha games like Genshin Impact it also relies heavily on random number generators when players try to get new characters to use in the game. After earning enough tokens legitimately through gameplay or buying with real-life money, players can try their luck by buying a tug of a bunch of different characters and weapons.

Players have the opportunity to win characters or weapons of different stars, although it will not always be a good draw. However, there is a pity system in place to ensure that eventually a player gets a higher rating. This is something that many players monitor in hopes of taking advantage of when new characters are released.

9 Baldur’s Gate 3

To maintain the freshness and challenge of Baldur’s Gate 3the RPG title relies heavily on its randomness not only to maintain the authentic feel of playing Dungeons and Dragons but also keep players on their toes. Every valuable spell cast or weapon hit has a chance to miss everything due to RNG.

There are ways to improve a player’s chances through certain spells that give them an advantage or by focusing on a character’s strengths, but this can make for some interesting moments in the game.

8 Fortnite

Battle Royales commonly use RNG to make each match played by their players feel different and exciting. Each weapon and item has a different percentage chance to spawn in an area, making the need to explore vital for those hoping to survive, especially at the start of rounds.

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Combining this with the addition of rarities means players are always striving to get the best gear they can find on the map. Players hope to be lucky enough to find a legendary item that can help them win the entire round.

7 counter strike global offensive

RNG doesn’t just apply to the chance of finding good loot in games, as other elements of the game can also be affected by RNG, either positively or negatively. counter strike global offensive some players argue that it has poor RNG, while others praise it for how it relies on luck.

In CS: GO, RNG is used to determine if a player’s bullets will hit their target. Attacking up close will improve this RNG as well as having the right weapon for the moment; this is how the first person shooter game is still exciting.

6 war frame

war frame it is up to the players to complete quests or farm resources to achieve the drop they especially want. This is due to the RNG drop rates of certain items that may be considered valuable by those playing the game.

Some of these drop rates are weighted in the player’s favor to help them achieve the weapon they want, although it does take a bit of effort to achieve. As more elements are added to this free game, the RNG is constantly being modified and improved to better serve the player.

5 apex legends

Similar to other Battle Royales like Fortnite, apex legends uses RNG to randomize where the best loot can be found on maps. Once again, the use of rarities helps establish how good an item is, as well as determining how common it will be during a round.

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Appendix keeps this randomness alive by swapping the weapons that can be found on the maps and those that can only be found in the care package. This makes for some intense rounds of shooting after searching for the best weapons and armor.

Bethesda titles also use RNG to fairly reward their players as they explore the vast RPG worlds they’ve created. This can be seen especially in its most successful title. Skyrimwhere all the dungeons and caves contain their own random loot, making each playthrough of these locations feel different.

As the player levels up, so does the loot found within these locations. The usual iron sword can be replaced with steel or even ebony in some cases, as well as reluctantly stumbling upon the Merida Lighthouse.

3 destiny 2

Another great example of RNG done right is at destiny 2. The massively multiplayer FPS relies on players farming and playing through the different activities like the main campaign or crucible rewards to better upgrade their loadout.

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Although some players may argue that destiny 2 not true RNG, there is still a randomness to all the loot that can be earned through the game. Not to mention the need to complete iconic multiplayer raids to get the best possible loot with the help of others.

two borderlands 2

When many gamers think of RNG in games, the first thing that comes to mind is usually borderlands, and they would not be wrong. the borderlands The franchise has used RNG in all of its games to improve how players obtain loot.

borderlands 2 Players argue that it has one of the best loot systems available. Many players happily chase the same boss repeatedly until they win the drop they wanted, and leave chests locked until they’re at a higher level for even better loot.

1 Pokemon

RNG goes beyond the possibilities to get a shine on Pokemon; many players would be surprised to realize how much Pokemon is determined through a random number generator.

The chances of a particular Pokemon spawning in an area, the percentage chance of which gender it would be, as well as the chance of an attack hitting or missing are all determined by RNG in this lovable franchise. Pokemon implements this so well that many players don’t even realize the effects it has on their game unless they’re looking for certain Pok√©mon.

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