Games that have teams with personality

The equipment and items that players can acquire and use in a particular video game are usually a major part of that game’s world-building. Sometimes customizable, sometimes not, equipment in games is often a crucial aspect of gameplay and the player experience.

However, not all gaming equipment is the same. Some games have elements with a lot of personality, while others are, frankly, totally forgettable. Players looking for the ultimate should read on – these games have elements that are unique and memorable.


10 subnautica


subnautica It caused a stir among gamers around the world thanks to its unique storyline, compelling visuals, and deeply immersive and fascinating gameplay. Heavily inspired by science fiction, the equipment that players can obtain in subnautica It’s lovely, streamlined, and generally very functional.

Additionally, players can create virtually any item in the game from seemingly rudimentary plants and smaller fish that can be found in the title world. From floating lockers to vehicles, by subnautica The resourceful team is a crucial part of what makes the title so memorable and fun for players young and old alike.

9 okami


Inspired by Japanese folklore, by okami the equipment and items are largely based on what would have traditionally been found in Imperial Japan, with the exception of their weapons and more magical equipment.

Most of the weapons in okami be based on figures or motifs from Buddhist and Shinto images and scriptures in a way that is visually striking and highly memorable. Furthermore, some of the weapons in the game also have elemental powers and can be used as sources of fire, lightning, etc. for Amaterasu’s Celestial Brush techniques.

8 ghost of tsushima

ghost of tsushima

With a fantastic variety of weapon and armor sets to choose from, ghost of tsushima does a fantastic job of helping players really feel at home in their feudal Japan setting.

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Furthermore, players can even customize the armor they wear in the game with various dyes. Combine this with the great selection of other armor sets that players can acquire, many of which are incredibly visually striking and memorable, and ghost of tsushima manages very effective world building and immersion through the gear players can find.

7 Dark souls

dark souls

Something that sets the Dark souls games apart from other fantasy-inspired RPGs is how silly and absurd some of the equipment in the games is. Whether this is intentional remains to be seen, but with items like the toxic-inducing Dung Pie, Havel’s goofy Dragon Tooth big hammer, and the downright goofy Masks of Child, Father, and Mother, it’s hard not to laugh at times when playing the game. through Dark souls Titles

However, this is not to say that the other team in the game isn’t just as memorable. Other weapons and armor, like the Black Knight Sword, Great Scythe (which is also easily one of the best Dex weapons in the franchise), and Lautrec’s armor are stylish and impressive in their own right.


forgetfulness the teams and items have so much personality and are so memorable that it’s impossible not to include the title on this list. With players able to wear iconic quest items like the Gray Fox Hood and Springheel Jak Boots, it’s hard not to feel incredibly immersed in the high fantasy setting.

On top of this, the unique items that players can obtain as part of the guild quest lines only further this world-building feel (even in the face of the somewhat goofy voice acting), as well as making these quest lines make them even more memorable.

5 kingdom hearts

kingdom hearts

It’s hard to argue that kingdom hearts’ The team isn’t one of the most unique and forward-thinking in almost any RPG to date. The concept of basing Sora’s weapons on various clues, which are themselves inspired by the lore and history of the different worlds he visits, is great.

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Combine this with the other types of unique equipment and items that players can obtain throughout the game, as well as their incredibly distinctive art style, and the combination is iconic and unforgettable. It’s not hard to see why kingdom hearts it has managed to capture the hearts and minds of so many gamers across the globe.

4 sunless sea

sunless sea

How many other games allow players to acquire and trade secrets as currency, or show entire cities and lands where coffee is more valuable than anything else? Almost all aspects of sunless sea is very original, and the game equipment is no exception.

Almost all of the actual equipment in the game is actually for the player’s ship, rather than the player himself. Sold by shady vendors in Fallen London, the Khanate, and other cities in the title, players can use the gear they get their hands on to set sail on an epic, and often fatal, journey through Unterzee.


morrowind it does many things in its own way, and in-game equipment is just one example of this. It’s full of gear that basically trolls players, like Boots Of Blinding Speed, which gives players a massive speed boost but also blinds their character.

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morrowind he uses his equipment as a fundamental part of his world-building approach, creating a fun and memorable experience. On top of this, there are incredibly powerful items that are worth hundreds of thousands of Septims, making players who use them feel like a legend.

2 blood borne


Considered by many fans of the soulsborne franchise as the title with the best outfits and fashion, blood borne The elegant visuals and gothic-inspired aesthetic carry over heavily into the items that players can acquire. (Not to mention, they also complement the game’s many spooky areas.)

One of the main sources of inspiration for articles in blood borne It is the work of HP Lovecraft. Players can find several pieces of a very important umbilical cord, for example, or even possess Insight in different qualities. This not only allows you to buy special items from merchants, but also directly affects the visuals in the game.

1 Kingdom Come: Deliverance

kingdom come deliverance

It may look like a medieval RPG on the surface, but Kingdom Come: Deliverance It’s much more than that. In fact, its lovingly authentic take on the medieval era is what makes the game’s gear so exciting to wear.

Players can get all kinds of outfits for serfs and nobles alike, and there are many types of armor for players to wear as they please (or can even forge their own). No matter what aesthetic preferences players have for their gear or what type of weapon they want to use, Kingdom Come: Deliverance it pretty much has it all.

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