Games that have lure villains

Games usually establish their main villain early in the story. Whether it’s a violent warlord destroying the protagonist’s home, or the leader of a rival faction in a major conflict, players can usually expect to fight that person late in the game.

Some games, however, are not content to do this. After defeating this great villain, players discover another figure hidden in the background. The villain they had just beaten was a decoy, working for the actual threat or a distraction from it. Naturally, most of these villains are endgame twists, so watch out for spoilers for each game listed.


10/10 devil may cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 Urizen

devil may cry 5 opens with the protagonist Nero fighting Urizen, a demonic figure who is causing the demonic tree of Qliphoth to appear in Red Grave City. Urizen is a formidable foe, instantly becoming a powerful being that will require a lot of time and effort to take down.

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However, he is only partly the true villain. In truth, he is half of Virgilio, the brother of the companion DMC Dante protagonist. After using his sword, Yamato, to split his demon and human sides into separate entities, Urizen, his demon side, went berserk. Meanwhile, the human side of him, V, worked with Dante and Nero to stop him. The two halves merged again later in the game, making Vergil the real threat at the end.

9/10 gate 2

portal 2 GLaDOS

gate 2 is an interesting example. The initial villain introduced in the story is the same villain the player faced in the first game: the AI ​​assassin GLaDOS. During much of the first third of gate 2, the player works with a jovial British AI named Wheatley to stop GLaDOS as she seeks revenge on them.

It eventually stops when the player replaces her with Wheatley, and initially things seem fine. However, Wheatley uses this moment to abuse his power to become the new malevolent AI in charge of the facility, and the rest of the game requires the player to defeat him as well.

8/10 encryption

Leshy inscription

encryption is a dark card game set inside a grumpy cabin, where the player is forced to play against a mysterious figure shrouded in darkness. This is Leshy, who has dark plans for anyone who doesn’t complete his game.

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However, encryption It’s not exactly what it seems. If the player manages to defeat Leshy in his game, secrets are revealed, and suddenly Leshy not only stops being the main villain, but also changes the entire structure of the game and its narrative.

7/10 person 4

Persona 4 Mitsuo

At the heart of his story, person 4 is a murder mystery within all of the alternate world fantasy elements. The group is searching for the person responsible for the horrific serial murders in Inaba. Naturally, this means that some red herrings are thrown.

Initially, a student named Mitsuo claims to be the killer in a twisted effort for attention. Next, a delivery man named Taro Namatame becomes the prime suspect, but he turns out to be innocent. The real culprit is Adachi, one of the policemen assigned to the case. But even he is not the main villain, since he acts under the influence of a chaotic spirit that seeks to cause the demise of humanity.

6/10 mass effect

saren mass effect

Saren Arterius is a member of the Specters, an elite mercenary force of the Citadel Council. He is known as a ruthlessly efficient agent whose methods were questionable, but his results are always commendable. He loses his status when the protagonist, Commander Shephard, finds evidence that he led an unprovoked attack on a freighter, but this fails to stop him from going on a rampage.

However, it turns out that his actions are not driven by his own desire for power, but by the mind control of a far worse threat. Sovereign, a Reaper, was manipulating him into delivering a plan that would free the rest of the Reapers and ultimately lead to the destruction of all organic life in the galaxy.

5/10 Until sunrise

till dawn psycho

Like all good slasher movies, Until sunrise he traps some teenagers in a mountain cabin and allows a serial killer to take them out one by one. At least, this is the plot up to the point where it turns out that the psycho stalking the cast is actually his friend Josh, who is pulling an elaborate and cruel prank.

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However, it is not long before it turns out that there is a much more genuine threat on the mountain, as a supernatural force is revealed to be lurking in the shadows. Unlike Josh, encounters with this creature are far deadlier.

4/10 final fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy 8 Edea

in the world of final fantasy VIII, the protagonist Squall and his friends are members of an elite military task force called SeeD. At the end of the first disc, they are tasked with eliminating an evil sorceress, Edea, who threatens the world.

However, by the end of disc two, Edea ceases to be a threat and instead comes to. It turns out that the real villain of the game is a sorceress from the future named Ultimecia, who possesses sorceresses from the present to do her bidding. This leads to a late-game time travel showdown to go after the piece’s true villain.

3/10 bioshock

bioshock andrew ryan

At the beginning of bioshock, the game goes to great lengths to introduce the founder of the underwater city Rapture, Andrew Ryan, as the villain of the game. His laid-back attitude towards anything resembling regulation has led Rapture to become a hell of mutated denizens and rapidly degrading infrastructure, and has ruined the lives of many.

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However, midway through the game, the player defeats Ryan and discovers that he has been manipulated all along by his political rival, Frank Fontaine. Fontaine is far more ruthless than Ryan, and now it’s up to the player to stop him before he makes Rapture worse than he already was.

2/10 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Zelda Twilight Princess Zant

In twilight princess, Hyrule is being invaded by creatures from the Twilight Realm and Link, as always, steps up to save the day. Through her interactions with an imp named Midna, she reveals that the cause of all this is Zant, who has seized the throne of the Twilight Realm. Naturally, this makes him the obvious target to eliminate in order to stop all of this.

But later in the game, it turns out that Zant has been manipulated and driven mad by a darker force of evil, one much more familiar to fans of the game. Zelda Serie. Ganondorf has been pulling the strings behind the scenes as part of his ongoing efforts to see the destruction of Hyrule, and his revelations push Zant aside as Link pursues his nemesis.

1/10 okami

okami orochi

okami it’s a game with an absurd number of decoy villains, with almost every boss in the game featured as Big Bad at one point or another. As the game opens, players are told about the terrible acts of Orochi, a nine-headed serpent that corrupts the land. Orochi quickly establishes himself as the main villain, but when the canine protagonist Amaterasu goes up against him, he still doesn’t have his full powers, which could be a hint that there are more games to come.

Sure enough, after Orochi is defeated, a new villain named Ninetales emerges, who becomes the new threat. They too end up being defeated and reveal that an even bigger threat lies to the north, and only in a large heavenly ark does Amaterasu discover the true villain, right at the end of the game.

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