Games that always have something new to discover

One of the main functions of video games is to offer players an escape from their everyday lives. They provide the opportunity to go on great adventures and undertake epic quests. Once the game is complete, it can be put out and put on the shelf with a sense of accomplishment.

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While some games show everything you see in your first playthrough, other titles still hold many secrets. The size and complexity of its worlds contain dozens upon dozens of hidden delights, glitches, and exploits that players are still discovering years, even decades, after release.


The world of Skyrim has become not only a great long-term game ancient scrolls series, but has also forged its own dedicated fan community. In this adventure, the Last Dragonborn travels the land, slaying dragons and absorbing their souls.

Skyrim it is still actively played today, and even now it still has mysteries to explore and surprises to discover. Players keep discovering new bugs, which were part of the original charm of the game. The game map is huge enough to spend hours and hours wandering the land and doing side quests while ignoring the main quest.

5 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The legend of Zelda: breath of the wild is Nintendo’s first new home console entry in The legend of Zelda franchise from sword to the sky on the Wii. With some of the criticism leveled against that entry, Nintendo decided it was time to give the franchise a soft reboot that would return it to its more open-world roots.

Nintendo excelled at this task, providing a colorful expanse for players to explore. The landscape is filled with puzzles of hidden shrines to solve and koroks to find. Even after completing the main quest, there are still dozens of side quests, villagers to help, and the Champions’ Ballad DLC, which provides more information on the Divine Beasts pilots.

4 stardew valley

Probably the most impressive of stardew valley is that it was not developed by a big studio but by one person: Eric Barone, also known as Concerned Ape. Inspired by the harvest moon franchise, the game is an opportunity to live a fantasy life as a farm owner in a small but loving town, as well as forage for food, fish, and fight monsters in dungeons.

Just when it seems that everything there is to see has been seen, a new surprise appears. A new encounter with one of the characters occurs, a fairy may enchant the farm’s crops or a cackling witch may appear one night and leave an empty egg.

3 Lego City: Undercover

If a LEGO the game is on this list. not just anyone LEGO game, though. Lego City: Undercover was created through a collaboration between Traveler’s Tales and Nintendo for the Wii U and went cross-platform years later. Instead of being a linear adventure like previous Traveler’s Tales outings, the game created by its handheld division, TT Fusion, takes place in a Grand Theft Auto-open city type.

This game also has a lot to explore. Gold bricks are scattered all over the world to find. Structures can be built in the world when enough parts are collected. The world is populated by hundreds of fun LEGO minifigure characters who inhabit the various sections of LEGO City, from skyscrapers to suburbs and nature parks.

two animal crossing

by nintendo animal crossing The franchise is something of an anti-video game. Normally a game would have a major end goal to achieve and puts the player through some trials or challenges to face. animal crossing It’s not about that Sure, you have goals to work towards, but animal crossing it’s just a fun way to relax.

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The game mechanic encourages regular visits to the user-created village. The console’s built-in digital clock determines the day and time of the game world, which means that time passes at the same rate as in real life. With that, the seasons change and the events change. There are different insects available to catch and special festivities occur on holidays. Resetting the game also brings its own surprises.

1 Minecraft

It seems that, with each list, Minecraft rears its blocked head, demanding the attention it has already received from millions upon millions of gamers around the world.

Minecraft It certainly deserves its place on this list. Each world seed spawns a new environment filled with cliffs, caves, deserts, and mountain tops, along with dangerous mobs to discover. Regular updates mean the world is constantly evolving with new creatures and mechanics. With the power of Redstone, players can create almost limitless gadgets, from automatic doors to a walking AT-AT.

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