Games for Sonic fans that must go fast

See sonic the Hedgehog. See Sonic’s career. See Sonic run fast. It is the driving force behind his games. Since the premiere of sonic x In 2003, “I have to go fast” has been the mantra of the hedgehog, and has become a meme in the sonic community.

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Many don’t-sonic games embody this spirit of “gotta go fast”. These range from games that are based on classics sonic game mechanics to other genres that have their own sense of speed. They also add other elements such as combat and platforms. Are here some games for Sonic the Hedgehog fans who “have to go fast”.



7 freedom planet

Carol Tea (front left) and Sash Lilac (bottom right) being chased by a yellow mech suit.  Image source:

freedom planet follow the sonic games for the Genesis in terms of game philosophy. In fact, he began his life as a sonic fangame That influence can be seen through the level environments and anthropomorphic characters. The run controls feel smooth and the characters can do the same stunts that their blue counterpart does.

Freedom Plane it also builds on the “gotta go fast” formula in several ways. It adds combat mechanics, meaning it’s not just about jumping on enemies, but about engaging them head-on. Each animal character also has their own abilities, which means different playstyles for different preferences.

6 spark the electric jester 3

spark the electric jester

spark the electric jester 3 is the third installment in Feperd Games’ Spark series, in which he faces a new enemy in the form of an AI named Clarity. The gameplay is a mix of running, platforming, and combat.

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spark the electric jester 3 is probably one of the best 3D sonic games that are not sonic game. The levels are bright and colorful, and anyone who has played sonic heroes you will find a very familiar level. Spark moves through worlds at breakneck speeds. Each level has a number of collectibles to find, which encourages exploration. Combat is also satisfying, with Spark being able to perform and unlock special moves that give the game a bit of oomph. Devil can cry flavor.

5 gate 2

0_0003_Gateway 2

gate 2 returns to Aperture Laboratories, where series protagonist Chell must once again deal with the machinations of the infamously sarcastic robot GlaDOS. Chell must navigate rooms by using a portal gun to activate switches, fly across chasms, and reach platforms.

While gate 2 is a puzzle game, many elements of these puzzles incorporate speed. The game features three gels with unique properties. The orange gel reduces friction on surfaces, allowing Chell to move much faster. The blue gel allows Chell to bounce high, and the gray gel allows her to place portals in places he otherwise couldn’t. Chaining these elements together with the game’s realistic physics creates some exciting experiences, and solving the puzzles makes you feel like a genius.

4 glyph

A scarab (top left) with glowing runes, hovering over ruins in a desert.  Image source: Steam

glyph is what would happen if an entire game was built around first metroidThe mechanics of the metamorphosed ball. A beetle must collect gems and keys in various levels to rebuild an ancient desert civilization. The sand is also poisoned, so touching it will mean having to start the level over.

The rolling bug can move quickly through the levels, so getting from point A to point B without missing a platform can be tricky. The physics and controls, like the best platformers, encourage players to speed through courses and find shortcuts. Some challenges can be completed in as little as fifteen seconds.

3 open wave

The Rabbit is knocked out of the air by a whale leaping from under a bridge.  Image source:

open wave is a project of the developer Alexandre Martins in Brazil. the main game, the rabbit emerges, follows a rabbit that resembles Nesquik’s mascot through five levels. They are very inspired by Genesis. sonic games, and they’re fun to play, even if the platforming controls feel a bit stiff.

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The meat and potatoes open wave The project, however, is the engine of the game. Allows you to create fully customized levels in the game. The engine also has its own built-in coding language, called SurgeScript, which allows users to create their own games. Best of all, the project is completely free and open source, so anyone can check it out and contribute to its development.

2 mirror’s edge

Leap of Faith Slide

mirror’s edge is the cult hit from publisher Electronic Arts and developer DICE. The game follows Faith, who is a runner, the only source of unmonitored messages in a future city that appears to have been built by Apple.

Since Faith is a runner, she will have to move quickly across the rooftops of her dystopian world. She can run up walls, climb pipes, jump off ledges, and barrel roll onto a landing to keep up momentum. Speed ​​runners will enjoy racing through each level, as the thrill of jumping from one rooftop to another is an exhilarating experience.

1 Valley

Valley PS4 skin and set of magic hands.

Valley, from Blue Isle Studios, is an ecological parable that follows a 20th century man in the Rocky Mountains. There, he searches for an artifact of immense power called the Life Seed. On his journey, he will discover ruins hidden in a secret valley, and learn more about the celestial beings who call it home.

He navigates environments wearing an exoskeletal suit that allows him to run faster and jump higher than ordinary humans. Running downhill will build momentum, and launching off a slope or ramp will send you soaring through the air and over the landscape. Running through the green forests is like having your lungs filled with the freshest air there is.

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