Gala Games adds game industry veteran Mark Skaggs to already impressive roster

Jackson, Wyoming–(Newsfile Corp. – September 6, 2022) – Gala Games has hired Mark Skaggs as its new Senior Vice President of Games to breathe new life into city ​​star as the game gets big updates and a stronger development team.

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city ​​star is the flagship blockchain game created by Gala Games. In this city building game released in early 2020 with a passionate group of fans, players compete to build the most efficient city in a given period of time.

Gala Games creates AAA quality games using blockchain technology to empower players with ownership and rewards. The company already has a wealth of experience developing professional games, and the addition of Mark Skaggs as Senior Vice President of Gaming is a big step in becoming a leader in Web3 gaming.

Mark Skaggs has joined the city ​​star team as Senior Vice President of Gaming, leading an expanded team of engineers, economists, and designers to bring city ​​star forever to the life!

An award-winning game developer known for creating worldwide phenomena. Farm Y Village On Facebook, Mark Skaggs has a gaming career spanning 29 years, three AIAS Awards, and a history of creating games that have been played by more than 400 million Facebook gamers, sold more than 16 million retail copies, and downloaded more 30 million times on mobile devices.

Mark Skaggs is also known for creating mega-hits, including EA’s best-selling real-time strategy game. Command and Conquer: Generals, as much as Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2Y The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth. After his key role in Zynga’s success, including the launch of empires and allies mobile, Mark joined Moonfrog Labs in India to create the award-winning games Baahubali: the game Y Alia Bhatt: star life.

Among the great changes that lie ahead city ​​star is changing game engines from PlayCanvas to Godot. This will allow city ​​star to become an authorized server.

“There are 3 approaches to this port. The first is just translating the existing game and code into Godot. Bring all the issues with you, but on a better technology platform. The second is just changing the client server architecture and then just porting the code – this will help tremendously with cheating but will give you the exact same game and associated issues about needing to evolve the game the third is to change the architecture of the client server, bring in the code snippets that work well, fixing and updating existing systems to make them work better while leaving room to build new systems and features into the new code base. We’re doing something between 2 and 3,” said Mark Skaggs, Senior Vice President of Games – Gala Games.

The newly strengthened city ​​star The team is currently reinventing the game’s long-term potential, adding more interactive ways to play to reach a broader audience of gamers.

“I think the best way to share what’s going on with a game in development is to only talk about facts and limit guesswork or promises. Also show only the actual code, not smoke and mirrors demo code,” said Mark Skaggs , SVP. of Games – Gala Games.

About the city star

Town Star is a competitive farming game from Gala Games. Players top the leaderboard with the chance to win prizes and complete challenges to rack up Town Points. The objective of the game is to grow, collect and create your way to build the most efficient and productive city you can imagine. Learn more about Town Star at Gala.Games/Townstar.

About gala games

Gala Games is building the world’s largest decentralized network of gamers. Using Web3 technology and powered by a wealth of professional gaming experience and expertise, Gala Games aims to empower gamers through asset ownership, reward-based economies and unprecedented AAA gaming experiences. Learn more about Gala Games at Gala.Games.

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