Friendship, aliens and worship mix comedy, suspense and science fiction in the best possible way

Netflix’s latest kdrama Failure hit the streaming platform on October 7, 2022, and we love this combination of genres that has kept us entertained until the last episode. Directed by Jin Han-sae, the drama stars Jeon Yeo-been, Nana, Lee Dong-hwi, Ryu Kyung-soo, Jeon Bae-soo, and Jung Da-bin along with other cast members.

With 10 episodes that are around 53 minutes long, the show has provided us with the perfect entertainment that has everything we need to keep us hooked and take us to the edge of our seats, making us Failure one of our most anticipated shows. As the protagonist embarks on a quest to search for her ex-boyfriend, she unexpectedly finds more on this journey than she would have thought.

The Netflix synopsis of the Kdrama reads:

A young woman joins forces with a UFO enthusiast to investigate the sudden disappearance of her boyfriend, only to stumble upon a harebrained conspiracy.

-Glitch Review contains minor spoilers-

Failure It begins with a young Hong Ji-hyo who has come into contact with a bright light hovering over her while lying in a field of reeds. The scene soon shifts to her adulthood, where the deadpan woman hardly gets excited about anything and just gets on with her days. However, things change when her hallucinations of an alien in a baseball helmet return, creating havoc in her life.

Surrounded by the confusion around her, Ji-hyo’s boyfriend Lee Siguk suggests moving in together and even meeting her parents. However, she soon cannot take it and breaks up with him. But this becomes the last time she sees him, and she only remembers him when her landlady calls to find out about him.

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Ji-hyo soon realizes that an alien being is behind Si-guk’s disappearance and heads off to find it by joining a UFO community. However, this turns into his reunion with an old friend whom he had parted with on bad terms.

The show then takes us through an exciting yet comical path as these circumstances bring the two girls together and leave them to discover the reason behind these disappearances. Soon finding themselves in the midst of a cult that is ready to wreak havoc, the girls embark on an adventure to save the people and themselves.

Failure He really has proven to be the perfect performer and was the best pick for a binge session. The show brought about a beautiful friendship between the two girls who reconciled in a funny yet touching way. The female-led entertainer tells a story about friendship, and in the end, we will definitely send Ji-hyo to Bo-ra and not any of the boys.

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The Kdrama really keeps us on edge when it comes to the existence of aliens in this movie and the twists it brings were really worth it. There is no lie in saying that this show gave me the entertainment that I wanted, without any limitation to a certain genre.

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Summarizing: failure

The show really took the glitch all the way through and kept us thinking about what’s real and what’s not. Even Ji-hyo wasn’t sure of the truth after going through the torture that made her unable to know what the real world is. This show has the potential to keep her attention on him and it was really worth watching.

The plot has some deeper meanings that will soon lead to theories about certain aspects of the show and that’s something to look forward to. And if there’s a chance glitch Season 2, then maybe we can come up with a theory that gets us closer to what could happen because one thing is for sure, there are more discoveries to come after aliens.

Overall, I have enjoyed watching the show and would like to suggest you give it a try as well. So don’t forget to stream Failure on Netflix.

Let us know what you think about the genre-bending alien comedy in the comments below!

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