Free PS Plus Games for September 2022 File Sizes

The file sizes of the games included in PS Plus for September 2022 show how much space fans will need to download each title in the collection.

The latest collection of titles made available to PlayStation Plus Subscribers of all levels have arrived and are available to download from PlayStation Store. However, for fans looking to install these free PS Plus Essential titles on their PS4 and PS5 systems, some may need to free up space for the larger entries on the subscription service.

Fortunately, the available games have been compiled by file size, giving fans an idea of ​​exactly how much storage space it will take to pick each of the free titles. That said, it should still be noted that when choosing to download the free PlayStation Plus games instead of streaming them through the higher Premium tier, you’ll want to leave extra room to allow each one to update with upcoming patches.


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The smallest game on the list would be totem for PS5, a charming camera adventure from indie developer Something We Made, is under a gigabyte and clocks in at under 300MB. Next up is Cygames granblue stylish fighting title, which comes in at just over 9GB when you factor in the base game without Granblue Fantasy: Versus‘ Downloadable content options. Finally, Need for speed: heat it’s the largest of the three by far, requiring over 35GB of space to download on any PS4 or PS5 console.

It should also be noted that since these games are still supported by their developers, it’s likely that many of them will still receive updates in the next month that players can add to their PSN libraries. In that case, fans should make sure they have additional space available on their consoles so that their PS4 and PS5 can complete the full update and copy process. with even Need for speed: heat Being the largest of these free PS Plus titles, at just 35GB, the game only takes up a small amount of the total storage on even the smallest hard drives available for PlayStation systems.

Most of these games have small file sizes compared to some titles available on PSN right now. This is especially the case when compared to live service games like marvel avengers, which hit some PS Plus tiers in July. In this case, it shouldn’t be too difficult to clear enough space to at least try out a few of these new titles. The tiny file size for totem on PS5 makes it even easier to quickly download and give this little adventure a quick game.

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