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On the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel, we’ll be posting a full movie every weekday, giving viewers the chance to watch it completely free of charge. from today free movie of the day is the 2019 science fiction action film from director Johnny Wu Immortal Combat: The Codeand you can watch it on the YouTube channel linked above, or you can just watch it in the embed at the top of this article.

Written by Andras Zold from a story by Wu, with Linda Robertson as editorial consultant, Immortal Combat: The Code has the following synopsis:

In our future, a single breath could mean life or death. As we search for a solution, pollution engulfs our world. If we don’t find an answer fast, all living things will perish. We are the Five Elements, we strive to protect humanity… Years ago, many warriors came to us seeking a change, they joined our way of life. Immediately after, a code that could save the world was discovered and injected into one of us. We even lost one of our clanmates. Now we must fight for our lives to bring the code into the world… or die trying. With MediCan Research Corporation and the FOUR 11 gang hot on our heels… We must protect the code… AT ALL COSTS.

The film stars Ben Zgorecki, Crystle Paynther Collins, Keith Collins II, Matt Kane, Jerry Sur, Ben Garton, Y. Chan, Leland Leger, Lisa Y. Wong, Wayne Wong, Siu Yan Scott, Kyle Znamenak, Mike Trivisonno, Vernard Adams. , George Tutie, David Spencer, Lyle Shelley, Gideon Lorete, Angel Matos, John Riddlebaugh, Andrew Santin, Thomas HF Gassaway, Matt Rossman, Scott E. Brosius, Billy Freedson Jr., Jerrod Primm, Dominic Cancelliere, Dorjan Scott, Jason Cekanski , James Eckstein, Hayden Rupnik, Zhana Shvets, Emily Bishop-Bosu, Jennifer Anderson, Krista Dotson, Jessica Thomas, Damaris Adibe, James Gappy Burney, Jesse Smith, Wensheng Huang, Jez Shuvani, Ryan Polk, Ryanell Phillips, Charles Coleman, Daniel Giza, Nathanial Weiland, Vimalraj Jayaseelan, Alexandra Hernandez, Nick Muhlbach, Ron George, Jennifer Speth Plass, Sharda Johnson, Holly Rohrbaugh, KeYona Rodgers, Abby Helfand, Mike Dukles, Todd Metzendorf, Terry Giancaterino, Deborah Frank, Zenobein Adams, Matthew D Carter, Steve Hergina, Paso Hen Manos, Jassen Bruegman, John Catheline, Laura Masi Cline, Michael K. Cline, JJ Deville, Alvin Doly, Jedidiah Fabian, Ron Falconi, Conrad Faraj, John Fecek, Tina Goldfarb, William Irving Grossman, BJ Halsall, T. Emma Karp, Tim Kilbane, Chris Kokitka, Anna Maria Kovats, David Kozinski, Marcella Lane, Michael Lemieux, Abbey Lowry, Sean Manos, Sabrina McPherson, Bre’Ana Nix, India Perkins, Scollard Reinhardt, Andrew Sokol, Alicia Marie Spurlock, Simone Stark Gay, Chris Tanaka, Allan Velez Jr., Jason L. Wang, Joe Winan, Andras Zold, and director Johnny Wu.

Wu has a long list of directing credits, including short films, fan films, and television episodes. In addition to Immortal Combat: The Codehis list of feature films includes the action musical inner selfsci-fi action movie Wu Lin: The Societyand the documentary History of Cleveland’s Chinatown: An Oral History.

Despite Immortal Combat: The Code has an alternate title of Wu Xia 2: The Code, it’s not officially a sequel to anything. Not to a movie called wu xiaand not the 1994 Roddy Piper movie immortal combat.

so take a look at Immortal Combat: The Code – It’s free! – then let us know what you thought by leaving a comment below or on the YouTube page.

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Immortal Combat: The Code Free Movie of the Day

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