Free Fire MAX low MB APK Download: Real or Fake

With numerous updates since the release of Free Fire MAX, the developers have reduced the initial download size of the BR title to around 500MB. However, depending on the device, this may differ slightly in the Google Play Store. This size makes the title compatible even with low and mid-range devices.

However, the size still makes Android users with limited data plans hesitant to download the game. This eventually leads them to look for alternative ways to do this with the minimal data required.

In fact, searching for a low MB APK file, people will find many platforms on the internet that claim to provide Free Fire MAX within 50-60 MB. The platforms convince them that they can install the game on their devices with low data usage.

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Are the low MB Free Fire MAX APK download links genuine?

For Android users, there are two ways to access your favorite BR title i.e. by installing it directly from the Google Play Store or the APK file.

If they use the latter method, they can spot APK download options that offer the game almost the same size as the Google store. On the contrary, they can also detect a file of 50-60 MB.

Low MB APK files will allow users to install the game on their devices if they are downloaded from trusted sources. However, most of these sources do not reveal that users will also have to download the OBB file to access the content of the game.

An OBB file is an expansion pack that contains media files, graphics, and other assets needed to run the game. This file must be downloaded and placed in a specific Android folder or it must be downloaded by opening the installed app with the low MB APK file.

Users will see this screen when the OBB file is downloaded (Image via Garena)
Users will see this screen when the OBB file is downloaded (Image via Garena)

In short, users need to spend a significant amount of data to get the full game. In addition, users will have to download many other resources, such as maps, costume packs, special event packs, and more, through the game’s download center, which will consume around 2GB of data. Fortunately, downloading from the game center is optional.

Therefore, users will have to spend around 3 GB of data in total if they want to enjoy the maximum features in Free Free MAX.

Therefore, users are strongly recommended to access the game through the Google Play Store, as they will not get a noticeable benefit from the data of low MB APK files. Avoiding third party sources will also save your FF MAX IDs from possible restrictions.

Steps to access Free Fire MAX through the Google Play Store

Free Fire MAX on Google Play Store (Image via Google Play Store)
Free Fire MAX on Google Play Store (Image via Google Play Store)

Follow the steps below to download FF MAX from the Google store:

  • Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and search for Free Fire MAX in the search box.
  • Step 2: A list of search results will appear. Tap the appropriate result (mainly the first result).
  • Step 3: An install option will appear next to the game icon. Press the button to start installing.
  • Step 4: After installing the game, log in and head to the download center by tapping on the icon located in the top center of the lobby. There you will see the download options. Download the necessary resources.

In conclusion, players should always download Free Fire MAX APKs from official sources and avoid third-party websites as they may damage their devices or persuade Garena to block the user’s account.

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