Free apps for Android and iOS – these Pro versions are currently free

Once again this week, apps and games for Android phones and iPhones are available to download for free for a limited time only. We will share with you how you can get your hands on these precious downloads.

If you’ve been following NextPit for a while, you’ll know what to expect here in this article: Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store regularly offer discounts and promotions where you can get paid content for free for a limited time only. We’ve rounded up these freebies and listed them for you, but unlike our Top 5 Apps of the Week list, we won’t be testing the apps on purpose. So, be a little careful before you fall into a money pit, as some apps may still include microtransactions.

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Advice: Do you want to secure a free app for the future? If so, download it once and uninstall it if necessary. This way it will be added to your list of purchased apps and you can download it again in the future once you need it.

Free apps for your Android phone

These apps are free on the Google Play Store

  • Speed ​​GPS Pro ($0.99): This app tracks your distance in km/h or mph, displays your speed, and more.

These mobile games are free on the Google Play Store

  • PJ Maskes: Racing Heroes ($3.99): Not only will you be running across the moon and collecting moon crystals in this game, but you will also have to keep villains at bay at the same time.
  • Shadow of Death: Dark Knight ($3.99): In this side-scrolling game, you’ll plunge into battle as the Dark Knight, complete with a mighty sword.
  • Cartoon crafts ($1.99): This game is also martial. Destroy your enemies in this real time strategy game.
  • princess coin ($0.99): In this retro game, the princess does not want to wait for the hero to rescue her, as usual. She escapes alone and escapes from the devil who was holding her captive.
  • Empire Warriors: Offline Game ($0.99): graphically attractive tower defense offline game with more than 100 maps.
  • Peppa Wutz: Christmas Adventures ($3.99): Our kids’ favorite pig is back, and this time Peppa is having fun with some holiday-themed mini-games.
  • infinity dungeon 2 ($0.99): The name already says what it is about: to go through the dungeon forever. Some additional information: You have to kill all the zombies you can get your hands on!
  • Puzzle legend of traffic jam cars ($3.99): The title sounds promising, but we’re basically dealing with a simple, albeit well-rated, match-3 game.
  • See game Racer ($1.49): Now that’s something different: a racing game for your Wear OS smartwatch!

Free apps for your iPhone

These apps are free for iOS.

  • Ad blocker for YouTube videos ($2.99): Ads in front of YouTube clips are annoying, aren’t they? With this app, that could be a thing of the past.
  • Mars Information ($5.99): Right now there is a lot of talk about NASA and the missions to the Moon and Mars. The right time to see what Mars looks like through the app. You can rotate it, zoom in and look at certain locations.
  • CircleDay ($1.99): birthdays, anniversaries, this and that, how do you remember them all? Perhaps with this application, which creates countdowns and counts the days.
  • master player ($2.99): Here you get a video player that doesn’t care if you want to watch clips stored on your device or streaming videos.
  • Security Note+ Pro ($2.99): Do you have notes on your iPhone that you really don’t want anyone but yourself to see? Then this app is a candidate for you!

These mobile games are free for iOS

  • Chuckie’s Egg 2017 HD ($0.99) Chicken game for Android is also free on iOS! You’ll save a bit less on this one though, as the game is a bit cheaper on the App Store.
  • Pajama Heroes: Fast Heroes ($3.99): For your children, there is currently the seventh most popular children’s game for iOS for free. The mobile game is called “Pyjama Heroes: Fast Heroes”, and we hope that the fun is better than the title!
  • fantasy dragon simulator ($9.99): As we all know, there are simulators for everything, including fantastic creatures like dragons. So he explores how it feels to give other earthlings hell as an oversized, physically unflyable lizard.
  • Peppa Pig: Christmas Adventures ($3.99): Suitable for children, but perhaps not necessarily educationally valuable: another game with the popular little pig Peppa Pig!
  • mega ramp stunt crash 3d games ($9.99): Finally, a game with more testosterone: jump over mega ramps in Mega Ramp Stunt Crash Games 3D and smash your stunts. And everything is 3D too, fantastic!

We cross our fingers that you have found what you are looking for. If not, we’ll be back on Saturday and we’re sure you’ll find something suitable then. Have you seen a paid app listed? Then we’d be glad of a hint in the comments!

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