Free Apps for Android and iOS – Get These Apps Without Paying a Penny

Once again this week, apps and games for Android phones and iPhones are available to download for free for a limited time only. We will share with you how you can get your hands on these precious downloads.

If you’ve been following NextPit for a while, you’ll know what to expect here in this article: Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store regularly offer discounts and promotions where you can get paid content for free for a limited time only. We’ve rounded up these freebies and listed them for you, but unlike our Top 5 Apps of the Week list, we won’t be testing the apps on purpose. So, be a little careful before you fall into a money pit, as some apps may still include microtransactions.

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Advice: Do you want to secure a free app for the future? If so, download it once and uninstall it if necessary. This way it will be added to your list of purchased apps and you can download it again in the future once you need it.

Free apps for your Android phone

These apps are free on the Google Play Store

  • GPS Speedometer Pro ($0.99): This app can track your speed, distance, time, location and you can also get details like start time, elapsed time, average speed, max speed and altitude among other stats.
  • Audit bricks ($4.99): AuditBricks makes site auditing and hooking very simple. The site audit process will help you find issues, inspections, defects, inconveniences, to-do lists, to-do lists, condition assessments for your site jobs. You can manage all your work in different projects.
  • CarBux ($4.99): CarBux is a car loan and lease payment calculator that provides “Buy” or “Don’t Buy” recommendations on new or used cars. CarBux is the only car payment calculator app that provides a “lemon check” list to verify a car’s mechanical functionality, electrical and electronic systems, maintenance records, and appearance before you buy or lease it.

These mobile games are free on the Google Play Store

  • Burning Fortress 2 ($1.00): Attack enemies and fortresses. Nuff said!
  • DungeonMon! ($0.99): Ready to unleash your bloodlust? You can do this by training your monster and with 90 different monsters to choose from you will be spoiled for choice! Get rid of all the zombies with your monsters!
  • Professional Sudoku ($2.99): Life is incomplete if there is no Sudoku game to challenge your brain. This pro version of the app contains more than 9000 unique puzzles and new ones are added every day. Choose between easy, medium and hard difficulty levels.
  • Spot ($1.99): Point is a minimal, abstract and relaxing puzzle with the aim of predicting the location of enemies using arrows.
  • EvoCreo ($0.99): Does the world need another pocket monster game? I guess so, so you might as well make the most of it with this variant of the genre and see how it compares to the original…
  • premium warrior soul ($1.99): In Soul Warrior, you play two characters, Shan and Hina. If you like playing a strong female character, you’ll love Hina, a cute but strong girl on a quest to defeat evil in this dark world. It is a fascinating adventure game for kids with stunning graphics and music that will delight all gamers of all ages. There is no need for mobile internet connectivity as this is an offline game.
  • Missile RPG ($1.99): This missile simulator will not offer world peace, but you will use holy missiles to get rid of all demons in the vicinity including bosses. Missiles can be upgraded to ensure your units have a higher survivability rate.
  • Second memory of the hero ($0.99): One day, when humans and monsters lived together, war broke out between man and monster because the devil wanted to dominate mankind. Then a hero rises up to save humanity from the monsters and their growing strength.

Free apps for your iPhone

These apps are free for iOS.

  • Pro HD Unit Converter ($0.99): The most powerful unit converter on the market. It helps you make easy conversions between over 700+ different units of measure in 30 categories.
  • PropFun Pro ($0.99): The funniest app in the world! Show the world your magic through amazing collages that you have never seen in any other app!
  • Pushfit Pro ($1.99): PushFit Pro is a simple push-up counter and tracker. PushFit Pro allows you to train at home, in the gym or on the go! Start your workout by placing your device on the ground under your chest.
  • Lock Notes Pro ($4.99): Keep your most valuable, private and secret notes away from prying eyes. Keep them all totally secret and secure. Store passwords, secrets, contacts or just keep your diary private.

These mobile games are free for iOS

  • DEMO ($0.99): The globally acclaimed mobile rhythm game that has touched over 10 million players. Created by the team that brought you Cytus, the original team at Rayark have created an entirely new texture for the piano rhythm game.
  • Rag doll sandbox ($2.99): Ragdolls Sandbox is a physics simulation sandbox, in which you, as a player, have a wonderful amount of creativity that you can indulge in to figure out how various mini-games work.
  • I live ($1.99): Give your device a soul with i Live. Make your virtual baby grow like in real life and live a unique and exciting experience. i Live is the most innovative and realistic life simulator ever created. Over 5,000 frames for animation, dynamic lighting and shadows, and it plays in real time!
  • Battle for Westnoth ($3.99): The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based tactical strategy game with a high fantasy theme. Build a large army, gradually turning new recruits into hardened veterans. In later games, recall your toughest warriors and form a deadly host that no one can stand against!
  • Bike life! ($0.99): Ride your bike in style between traffic and pedestrians! Can you keep your wheelie while avoiding cars and pedestrians on the street in style?

We cross our fingers that you have found what you are looking for. If not, we’ll be back early next week with more suggestions and we’re sure you’ll find something suitable then. Have you seen a paid app listed? Then we’ll be happy if you leave us a hint in the comments!

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