Forgotten Unique Stealth Games Worth Revisiting

stealth games they have fallen out of popularity as the stealth genre is being implemented as a feature in games, rather than the focus of gameplay. For example, fragmented cell It was a game built around the concept of stealth, but with open-world RPGs dominating the gaming scene, the idea of ​​creating a pure stealth game is less appealing to developers.

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Players who love stealth are forced to enjoy stealth as an optional style in a game, such as The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’sfamous stealth archer build or even games like gta implementing stealth mechanics. Here are some unique, long-forgotten stealth games that players should sneak back to and revisit, so they can once again sneak, disguise, and surprise their way to victory.


7 War prisoner

dialogue of prisoners of war
  • Available on: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

War prisoner it’s a fresh look at stealth gaming that makes it worth mentioning. In most stealth games, there is some emphasis on violence, however this is not the case in War prisoner. As the game exhibits little to no violence, it creates a truly stealth-focused experience for the player. There is no brute force way to win, players must be cunning.

The only violence will come from the guards if players are caught escaping. One cool mechanic is that if the player is near the guard when they are caught acting suspiciously, the player will automatically surrender. These scenarios make the player think about stealth in a way that other games don’t. Due to the focus on stealth, the game is a real challenge to complete due to the limited gameplay options. The player cannot fight any enemies and must rely on stealth and deception.

6 Manhunt (2003)

Mahunt main character
  • Available on: PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows and Xbox.

Hunt It rose to infamous acclaim in the early 2000s and is one of Rockstar Game’s most controversial releases.. It was released for the PlayStation 2 some 20 years ago and has escaped the memory of most gamers. Set in the fictional city of Carcer, players control criminal James Earl Cash, a fugitive who finds himself trapped with only one way out. Cash is forced to hunt down criminals and eliminate them to win his freedom while being given instructions by a mysterious man, known as the Principal. Manhunt is famous for its brutality, but the game often goes under the radar.

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The dark and gritty style won over many fans and Hunt won several awards. However, due to the amount of violence, there was a lot of controversy that led to the game being banned in some countries. Rockstar Games never released a sequel, which is likely due to the amount of notoriety the game generated. A recent documentary on the game was made and is available on YouTube on the GVMERS channel.

5 The Great Escape (2003)

The splash of the great escape
  • Available on: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox

Based on the famous movie, The big escape the game tries to recreate some of the scenes from the movie and also adds original stories. The first few levels of the game are all original settings and the later levels of the game are almost all based on scenes from the movie. All four playable characters also appear in the film and have a special ability related to stealth play, such as picking locks or impersonating a guard.

Despite the poor reception, the game is worth revisiting if gamers are fans of movie-inspired games and want to experience it in a different format. Players can experience their own great escape and even hear real dialogue from steve mcqueen taken directly from the movie and used in the game.

4 Shadow of Rome (2005)

Shadow of Rome Splash Art
  • Available on: PlayStation.

shadow of rome follows a fictional story of the murder of Julius Caesar. The two main characters are Agrippa, a soldier whose father is accused of murdering Caesar, and Octavianus, who tries to prove the innocence of Agrippa’s father. Like a game of two halves, shadow of rome Combine action and stealth by separating Agrippa and Octavianus.

By controlling Agrippa, players will be in a hack and slash action game. However, by controlling Octavianus, the player will experience fantastic levels of stealth. Octavianus needs to rely on stealth since he can’t kill enemies.. This often means that Octavianus will have to attack them from behind by knocking them unconscious or leaving traps and obstacles in their paths.. Players must hide bodies, avoid detection, and find information by investigating. Players can wear costumes, peek through keyholes, and participate in exciting underground Roman activities. Worth a revisit for fans of ancient Roman history.

3 the saboteur

The hidden saboteur
  • Available on: PlayStation 3, iOS, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360.

the saboteur is an action-stealth game set in an open-world environment set primarily in Nazi-occupied Paris. The game experiments with color in those areas that are occupied by the Nazis and are mostly represented in black and white, except for the Nazis, the French resistance, and other symbols. Players must weaken the German forces occupying the area and in doing so inspire revolution. By doing so, the district will become more vibrant and full of color.

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While there is a lot of action in the game, the player can choose to play a stealthier version such as using the ability to scale buildings and run across rooftops to avoid detection. The player can use melee combat or use pure stealth such as sneaking and disguising. This is considered Pandemic Studio’s final gift to the gaming community, as the studio went out of business shortly after the game’s release. As the studio released some classic games like destroy all humansit just makes the latest release all the more worth revisiting.

2 Chameleon (2005)

spying chameleon
  • Available on: Microsoft Windows

Chameleon was released by Silver Wish Games around 2005 and quickly became a stealth classic. The sad part is that the game has only been released in a limited number of countries and has never been released in Western markets. Although there are YouTube walkthroughs that feature the full game, so players can revisit Chameleon In its whole.

The game had levels all over the world and even one set in Belfast, which was one of the most iconic. Players were given the use of a wide range of spy equipment such as night vision goggles and spy cameras. Very similar slintercell and solid metal gear, the addition of spyware was an exciting addition that made stealth games feel more immersive compared to more common action games. Unlike other stealth games, Chameleon it contained its fair share of action and thus weaponry, including the infamous mini crossbow. The story is one of revenge as the main character chases the murderers of his parents around the world.

1 Chicken Race (2001)

chicken pen
  • Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy, Playstation, Dreamcast, Game Boy Color

Many people will remember this classic children’s movie, but few will realize that an adaptation of the game was released. The game loosely follows the plot of the movie and requires players to take control of some of the most well-known chickens like Ginger or Rocky and collect items that will help them escape from the farm. Aside from the chicken’s need to escape from Tweedy’s farm, the levels don’t follow much of the scenes from the movie, but are heavily inspired by them. The gameplay was more loosely based on classic stealth tropes, such as avoiding detection by guard dogs and searchlights.

The game garnered favorable reviews at the time, but is known as a one-off, which is likely due to the lack of a movie sequel, and thus a lack of public interest. That being said, there is a sequel planned for a November 2023 release, more than 20 years after the first movie was released. There’s little chance the sequel will mean a new game, but there’s always a chance.

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