Florida State’s defensive line will be key to beating LSU

One of the most anticipated early season games will be the florida stateLSU rematch, which will take place at Camping World Stadium in Orlando. This is, technically, a second neutral site game in two seasons for these two iconic shows. However, since last year it took place in New Orleans and this year’s was in Central Florida, neither game was completely neutral.

Despite playing in Louisiana, the Seminoles posted a huge early season win against the Tigers in a year in which both teams proved poised to return to prominence in the sport. That means a lot of emphasis will be placed on this early season game.

With that in mind, and long before the game, On3’s J.D. Pickell broke down the game, including why Florida State’s defensive line will be key to beating LSU.

“Let’s start with Florida State, now you have some dogs up front,” PicKell said. “Anyone who sees this team knows Jared’s Verse [is] he’s probably going to be a top draft pick this time next year. Fabian Lovett, he’s a guy for that defensive line. So you went and got darrell jacksonwho during spring practice, transferred from miami to Florida State, the spring practice, according to reports from Tallahassee, is a borderline game destroyer. For example, if he does what he’s capable of, if he plays up to his potential and he’s healthy, like they’re three bad guys on the defensive line to you.”

PicKell emphasized that if these players step up for Florida State, then the Seminoles should win.

“If you control the line of scrimmage in this game, you win. Alright, it’s as simple as that. If you control the line of scrimmage, Florida State will win this football game.”

The problem for Florida State is that LSU’s offense is designed to drive talented defensive linemen out of the game.

“Now the other side of that, LSU, when they were dangerous last year, a lot was made of Jayden Daniels and him pushing the ball downfield, and I agree 1000% there, that was a huge step up for LSU’s offense. . . But when LSU was really humming, when jayden daniels he was able to drive the ball downfield, one of the basic points of that in my mind was that they could be multiple in the running game,” PicKell explained.

“When a defensive end, it didn’t matter if he slammed or just stood still and forced Jayden Daniels to give the ball up there, every time it came to a conversation, they had to deal with Jayden Daniels and joseph williams. Next season if it’s Jayden Daniels and Logan Diggs, notre dame Transfer a running back, that’s when you can really give a defensive attack because Jared Verse, he’s so dynamic, he’s a good player, but you can take a really good defensive lineman out of the game if you’re able to read him, which means anyway way you want to go in that reading option, you are wrong”.

Because of this, the entire Florida State defensive line will have to step up and stop the red option for LSU. That way, the Tigers become more one-dimensional defensively.

“So if you don’t have an answer for that as a state of Florida, that’s where this becomes a headache.”

How Jordan Travis and Harold Perkins could impact the game

By contrast, Florida State is led by an experienced quarterback in jordan travis while LSU has a game of destruction in Harold Perkins on the defensive side of the ball. Together, those two could dictate how the game goes.

“The first matchup I’m looking at very closely is Harold Perkins, LSU’s defensive weapon. [and] we’ll call him linebacker for the sake of this conversation, and Jordan Travis, Florida State quarterback. So what I’m watching very closely with this matchup is Harold Perkins. Do you remember how it was used last year for LSU? It was like a magic eraser. They wanted to try to get out of the game from a game point of view,” PicKell said.

“Hey Harold, the quarterback is hurting our legs. Harold Perkins, spy on him. Done Harold, this runner has been a problem for us, he’s so versatile, he’s multiple, that’s the answer there. Made.”