Florida state softball score, live updates from WCWS vs. Tennessee

Florida state softball is one win away from reaching the 2023 NCAA Women’s College World Series Championship Series at USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium.

The championship series is a best-of-three game series to decide the National Champion and is scheduled for June 7-9.

The No. 3 Seminoles (56-10) are off to a 2-0 start in the WCWS for the first time in program history with wins over No. 6 Oklahoma State (8-0) and No. 7 Washington ( 3-1). ) on Thursday and Saturday, respectively.

Ace Kathryn Sandercock has pitched 10 ⅔ innings, allowing one earned run on 10 hits along with five strikeouts and picked up two wins to improve to 28-3 on the season.

FSU will field No. 4 Tennessee (50-9) that needs just one win with two chances to advance to the Women’s College World Series against No. 1 Oklahoma starting at 8 pm Wednesday.

Tennessee defeated Oklahoma State 3-1 on Sunday in an elimination game to advance to the semifinals thanks to a strong performance from Volunteer ace Ashley Rogers. Now they need to beat the Seminoles twice to keep their season alive.

Rogers pitched a complete game, allowing one earned run on four hits along with four strikeouts and two walks, while throwing 136 pitches.

If the Seminoles abandon the first game, a second elimination game will be played “if necessary” at 9:30 p.m.

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Bethaney Keen, who led off first base with Mack Leonard in the circle, hit a solo home run to right field. It was the first home run of the season and her first as a Seminole. It was his first home run of May 2021.

Getting any kind of production from the back of the order in a game of this magnitude is huge for the Seminoles.

Josie Muffley flied into foul territory for the first out, but then leadoff hitter Kaley Mudge doubled down the right-field line. It is his fourth NCAA Tournament double.

Karlyn Pickens replaced Payton Gottshall after Mudge’s brace.

Interesting decision not to go with Ashley Rogers, but he threw 136 pitches yesterday.

Third entry | FSU 2, UT 1

Mack Leonard looked more relaxed in her second inning of work, with her drop ball showing better drop and control.

As a result of the improved drop ball, he got Jamison Brockenbrough and Lair Beautae to ground out the first two outs. Giulia Koutsoyanopulos drew a five-pitch walk with two out.

Leonard then retired nine-hole batter Katie Taylor with another groundout.

That’s a lot closer to what Leonard did against Georgia.

End 2nd | FSU 1, UT 1

Michaela Edenfield wasted no time in answering for FSU’s offense. She drops a solo home run on a 3-2 hanging curveball to left center field to start the top of the second inning.

Devyn Flaherty and Mack Leonard worked up front, drawing 3-ball counts before each grounded out for the first and second out, respectively.

Hallie Wacaser flew out to right field to end the inning.

But Edenfield’s home run draws the score and allows FSU to restart.

Leonard is back to pitch for FSU.

2nd half | FSU 1, UT 1

Josie Muffley makes the Seminoles’ third game similar to how the last game ended. He stole a hit from Tennessee’s leadoff hitter, Kiki Milloy.

Zaida Puni put the Vols on the board two pitches later, depositing the ball over the wall for a solo home run that gave her team an early 1-0 lead.

Mack Leonard left a pitch over the zone and Puni took advantage of it. It’s the third home run Leonard has allowed this season.

Milloy also hit the ball well, and Makenna Reid was warming up in the bullpen right away.

McKenna Gibson was walked with one out on five pitches after the home run.

Leonard had Riley West fly out to right field on another well-hit ball and then ended the inning on Mackenzie Donihoo’s groundout.

With his opening, Leonard can only get one ticket.

End 1º | UT 1, FSU 0

Payton Gottshall hit a leadoff pitch at 6:05 p.m. and got FSU leadoff hitter Kaley Mudge to ground out to second on the second pitch for the first out.

Two-hole hitter Jahni Kerr flew out to left field for the second out. He has 2 of his last 20. With his struggles, it might be time for Lonni Alameda to consider a lineup change.

Kalei Harding flew out to shallow center field to end the frame.

Mack Leonard will now take the circle for FSU.

Medium 1 | FSU 0, UT 0

Kaley Mudge, FL

Jahni Kerr, CF

Kalei Harding, 3B

Michaela Edenfield, C.

Devyn Flaherty, 2B

Mack Leonard, P.

Hallie Wacaser, R.F.

Bethany Keen, 1B

Josie Muffley, SS

An interesting development as Makenna Reid is listed as a starter and hits by herself in the preliminary lineup. Maybe a placeholder for Mack Leonard, if he’s a starter, or a Statcast error.

Reid didn’t hit this season.

FSU is the visiting team for this one.


Kaley Mudge, FL

Jahni Kerr, CF

Kalei Harding, 3B

Michaela Edenfield, C.

Devyn Flaherty, 2B

Makenna Reid

Hallie Wacaser, R.F.

Bethany Keen, 1B

Josie Muffley, SS


Kiki Milloy, CF

Zaida Puni, 3B

McKenna Gibson, 1B

Rylie West, L.F.

Mackenzie Donihoo, SS

Jamison Brockenbrough, D.P.

Beautae Lair, 2B

Giulia Koutsoyanopulos, C.

Katie Taylor, R.F.

Payton Gottshall, P.

Two-time defending national champion No. 1 Oklahoma advanced to the WCWS championship series with a 4-2 win over No. 9 Stanford in nine innings.

The Sooners extended their winning streak to 51 straight games when Tiare Jennings lined a gap double into right-center in the top of the ninth inning to score two runs. It was the first lead of the game for OU.

Kylie Chung hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the first inning for the Cardinals.

Alynah Torres scored Alyssa Brito on a second-inning sacrifice fly to cut the lead to 2-1 and Jayda Coleman hit a third-inning solo home run to even the ball.

Jordy Bahl picked up the win, pitching four scoreless innings in relief of Nicole May. Bahl struck out five and allowed just four hits.

Despite the loss, NiJaree Canaday pitched well, allowing two earned runs and four hits in five innings of relief. He struck out six and walked just one.

The Cardinals had a chance with two runners on base and no outs, but never got the game-winning run in the eighth inning, opening the door for the Cardinals.

The winner of No. 3 Florida State and No. 4 Tennessee is scheduled to play Oklahoma in the ALCS beginning at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

The Seminoles need a win in two games to advance while the Volunteers need to win twice.

Florida State plays at 7 pm Monday, June 5 on ESPN (Channel 206 on DirecTV, Channel 140 on Dish).

Or stream via ESPN+ ($9.99 per month), WatchESPN (cable subscription required), the ESPN app, YouTube TV (2-week free trial), Hulu + Live TV (7-day free trial), and fuboTV (free 2-week trial). free of 7 days). rehearsal).