Filmland Spirits launches its initial whiskey collection in the US

Los Angeles California.— Filmland Spirits announces its world premiere in the US market, featuring three key whiskey expressions: “Moonlight Mayhem!” – Bourbon, “Chaos in the moonlight! Extended Cut” – Bourbon Cask Strength, and “Ryes of the Robots” – Rye Whisky.

Filmland Spirits is revolutionizing the industry by creating A Blockbuster in Every Bottle. Combining their enthusiasm for whiskey, passion for film and dedication to storytelling, Filmland Spirits aims to bring people together through captivating stories and great tasting spirits. Designed with a cinematic mindset, Filmland approaches whiskey production much like making a movie. The creative team begins with their vision for an original retro B-Movie concept. This turns into a script with robots and monsters, heroes and villains and a plot that makes your mouth water. From there, Filmland Spirits designs an original pulp-style movie poster consistent with the B-movie genre; this becomes the front label of each expression, a truly unique innovation in the world of spirits. The bottle itself is tall, heavy and distinct, and is inspired by the world of cinema. Consumers will have the opportunity to preview each story on the back label showing a synopsis of the B-movie and key characters. Those eager to learn more about each story can visit the Filmland website to read snippets of the script, view storyboards, and even watch an animated trailer. Filmland’s award-winning spirits are sourced from the finest whiskey in the US. Once “on site” in Kentucky, they are blended to perfection, then finished and bottled. Filmland Spirits CEO Troy Bolotnick explains further:

“After a lifetime of blending passions for storytelling, filmmaking and whiskey, we are delighted to invite everyone to the premiere of Filmland Spirits! I’m incredibly proud of the team we’ve assembled and all the creativity and skill that has gone into our award-winning bourbons and rye. They are delicious and fun, outrageous and unique and I can’t wait for our audience of customers to turn off the lights, grab a bottle and enjoy the show!”

Prior to its launch, Filmland Spirits impressed tastemakers within the spirits industry by winning multiple awards at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Filmland took home two gold medals; one for their small-batch cask-strength straight bourbon – “Moonlight Mayhem! Extended Cut” – and one for his small batch of straight rye whiskey – “Ryes of the Robots”. His expression for small-batch straight bourbon: “Moonlight Mayhem!” – received a silver medal. These medals are not only a testament to the quality of each whisky, but also demonstrate the team’s superior blending skills. We can expect to see this applied to future expressions as the collection expands.

Consumers who wish to purchase “Moonlight Mayhem!” – Bourbon (RRP: $54.99), “Moonlight Mayhem! Extended Cut” – Cask Strength Bourbon (SRP: $79.99) and “Ryes of the Robots” – Rye Whiskey (SRP: $59.99) will be able to pick up a bottle at select liquor stores in California and Kentucky. Filmland Spirits is also available for purchase through their website and select e-commerce retailers, and can be shipped to a large number of states in the US.

About the spirits of Filmland

Founded in 2020, Filmland Spirits is a California-based startup founded by a team of whiskey enthusiasts, film buffs, and storytellers. Filmland Spirits produces whiskey and whiskey-inspired spirits in Kentucky, USA. In the fall of 2022, Filmland Spirits released its three initial whiskey expressions consisting of two bourbons and one rye. Their award-winning, ultra-premium liquids are housed in custom, movie-inspired bottles, then paired with a label that is a movie poster based on an original B-movie script written specifically for each expression. Filmland Spirits are truly stories you can drink, offering an original and unique concept to the spirits category that is guaranteed to have a blockbuster in every bottle.

The Filmland Spirits team is made up of serial entrepreneurs with proven track records, corporate CPG and entertainment executives, as well as spirits industry veterans in sales/distribution and marketing. The company is a unique blend of creatives, writers, whiskey nerds and business leaders with a passion for storytelling and high-quality, great-tasting spirits.

About each whiskey expression

The first expression in Filmland Spirits’ flagship whiskey line, “Moonlight Mayhem!” – Bourbon is a small-batch straight bourbon whiskey aged in white American oak barrels for over 4 years. This 94 proof whiskey is luscious and sweet, with notes of cherry and citrus on the nose, vanilla and caramel on the tongue, and an intricate finish of toffee and toasty oak. Emphasizing versatility, this Bourbon can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. Consumers will be delighted and terrified by Moonlight Mayhem! Story: The Romeo and Juliet-inspired saga is set in a post-modern world where werewolves are the dominant species on planet earth. Consumers will wonder if hero Tommy Dawson and Slyvane Saxon, his flesh-eating, shape-shifting girlfriend, can protect their love from disapproving families and dangerous enemies. Or if you can’t resist sinking your teeth into the delicious snack that is your sweetheart? Curious consumers to know more about Moonlight Mayhem! You can head over to the brand’s website to read pages of the script, view storyboards, and watch the movie trailer.

Much like classic films getting the extended cut treatment, Filmland Spirits’ second central expression “Moonlight Mayhem! Extended Cut” – Cask Strength Bourbon is a small batch straight bourbon like “Moonlight Mayhem!”. It is also aged in white American oak barrels for over 4 years, but has a proof of 115. This barrel-aged bourbon has special notes and flavors that one would not experience with regular strength – it keeps consumers on the edge of their seats. with twists and turns of cherry and chocolate on the nose and tongue, a spectacularly creamy mouthfeel, and an endless finish of cocoa, leather, and applewood. Enjoyed neat or with a drop of water, this expression is sure to delight consumers. Just like the original story, Moonlight Mayhem! Extended Cut continues the saga between Tommy Dawson and Slyvane Saxon but with the inclusion of deleted scenes from the original script, which makes the story richer. Consumers who are eager to learn more about Moonlight Mayhem! Extended Cut can visit the brand’s website to read pages of the script, view storyboards, and preview the movie trailer.

Filmland Spirits’ third expression, “Ryes of the Robots” Rye Whiskey, is a small-batch straight rye whiskey aged in American white oak casks for over 4 years. This complex 94 proof rye whiskey has spicy notes of cinnamon and clove on the nose, mint and pepper on the tongue and a long chocolatey finish with subtle hints of oak. Best served neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, this rye whiskey is sure to please whiskey fans who prefer a little zest in their drink. Like the whiskey itself, the story of Ryes of the Robots offers a piquant glimpse into the future of the world. After the Automation Wars of 3050, the world rejects technology and embraces a simpler age where cocktail clubs are the new state houses and bartenders rule. When a fallen tech titan creates an army of robotic bartenders to take over the world, the only hope is Courtney Winters, the Cocktail Consortium’s number one bartender. Will she be able to fend off this despotic army of mechanized mixologists or will it be the unhappiest hour in the world? Consumers curious to learn more about Ryes of the Robots can head to the brand’s website to read pages of the script, view storyboards, and view the film’s trailer.

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