Fans want Harrison Ford in Disney+’s new Indiana Jones series

Disney is ready to develop a new Indiana Jones TV series, according to Variety. Currently, plot and cast details have not been revealed, and Disney is seeking a writer for the project. The news comes before the premiere of the fifth installment of Indiana Joneswhich will be released in June 2023.

Since Harrison Ford reportedly stated that he would not be playing his iconic character again after the fifth film, it is unlikely that he will appear on the Disney+ TV show.

However, fans do not want any other actor to play the role. One user mentioned that a Indiana Jones project without Harrison Ford is like ”pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp.”

Fan reactions (Image via Twitter/Sportskeeda)
Fan reactions (Image via Twitter/Sportskeeda)

Twitter Says They Can’t Imagine Anyone Other Than Harrison Ford In Indiana Jones Disney+ show

Several fans took to Twitter to discuss their thoughts on the new Indiana Jones Disney+ show. Most of the comments revolved around the casting of Harrison Ford.

Many fans have stated that they would not like to see anyone else in the role of Indiana Jones. Check out some of the reactions on Twitter:

When I heard the news from all sources on the internet, saying that there will be an Indiana Jones TV show, and then saying that Harrison Ford could be recast… But Harrison Ford is Harrison Ford, no one can play the most anticipated role in #Indiana Jones franchise only him 🫡🤠

I don’t want a prequel series based on the younger version of Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones. There is already a prequel series based on the young Indiana Jones. please do it over a short round or something else.

Fan reactions (Image via Twitter/Sportskeeda)
Fan reactions (Image via Twitter/Sportskeeda)
Fan reactions (Image via Twitter/Sportskeeda)
Fan reactions (Image via Twitter/Sportskeeda)
Fan reactions (Image via Twitter/Sportskeeda)
Fan reactions (Image via Twitter/Sportskeeda)

So far, it is not known if the Disney project would be connected to the film franchise. The next Indiana Jones The film will be the final installment in the franchise. Alongside Ford in the title role, it stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge, John Rhys-Davies and Mads Mikkelsen, among many others, in critical roles.

The film is directed by noted filmmaker James Mangold, widely known for directing such films as girl, interrupted, Badger, ford vs ferrariY walk the line, to name a few. According to reports, Steven Spielberg will be one of the producers of the film.

A quick look at the Indiana Jones franchise

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The first film of Indiana Jones The franchise was launched in 1981, in search of the lost arkDirected by Steven Spielberg. The film centers on an archeology professor who sets out to recover an artifact while fighting Nazi forces. Here’s the synopsis for the film, according to Rotten Tomatoes:

”Dr. Indiana Jones, a renowned archaeologist and occult expert, is hired by the United States government to find the Ark of the Covenant, believed to still contain the Ten Commandments. Unfortunately, Hitler’s agents are also after the ark. Indy and his ex-girlfriend Marion escape several run-ins on a quest that takes them from Nepal to Cairo.”

The film was a huge commercial success and revolutionized conventional cinema with its striking visuals, thematic ambitions and an entertaining story. It spawned a franchise, with many prequels and sequels released over the years.

Harrison Ford plays the title role in the franchise and his character has become a huge pop culture phenomenon around the world. Ford has received widespread critical acclaim for his portrayal of Indiana Jones in all the films.

the Indiana Jones The franchise is one of the most commercially successful film franchises in the world and enjoys a huge fan following around the world. All the movies except the next one are directed by Steven Spielberg.

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