Family shows how to sneak a child into Disney World without paying

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Disney World tickets are expensive. They have discounts for children under 10 and last time I checked, children under 3 are free. But that’s not enough for this couple. They found a way to get their young son through the Magic Kingdom gate, but succeeding Look as if it were less than 3 years old. Sneaking a child into Disney World without paying. As reported by Inside The Magic, “In the video, a little girl sits in a baby-sized stroller as her family scans her Disney Park tickets. Once on Main Street, USA, and out of sight of the Disney cast members, the family removes an elementary school-aged child from the stroller.”

The crazy part of this video is that they take the girl out of the stroller in full view of one of the cast members. There’s no way she can do that. At least she would take the stroller to the bathroom. They just raised the little princess with zero f given.

Is it okay to sneak your kid into Disney World without paying?

As any kid who goes to Disney World knows, you may be 6 years old in real life, but at Disney you’re 3. That’s how they got a kid into Disney World without paying. But not everyone agrees with this. The video appeared on a reddit post, with one person commenting “you/Wicked-Lee agreed and wrote:” What this does is encourage these types of people to continue to be dishonest. They should pay the cost of the ticket like the rest of us who have children. I have 3. 2 of my children do not go on walks. I still paid to get them into Disney and Universal multiple times. That’s what parents should do.”

I am not here to make a moral judgment. Is it right or wrong to do something like that? It’s a fun video. Let’s leave things like this.

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VIDEO: Florida Man (or Woman?) Starts Mass Fight on Miami-Based Carnival Sunrise Cruise Ship

The Miami, Fla.-based Carnival Sunrise cruise ship was wrapping up a five-day roundtrip Western Caribbean cruise when the real entertainment began. Not on stage, but by the pool. There are no official accounts of what exactly happened, but based on the posts, it appears that the Florida Man fight began with an argument over a chair.

As reported by orlando Sentinel, a passenger commented on one of the videos and claimed that as many as 30 people were involved in the fight. “All I know is that I was filling my cup with lemonade and then, boom, they were kicking and bucking! Wow, you just had to be there,” commented another TikTok user. A woman was seen repeatedly kicking someone at the bottom of the pile. Pretty weak movement there.

Because it was on a cruise ship, we don’t know if there were any injuries or arrests. Even the date of the fight, September 9, is in doubt. According to one poster, there appear to be about 30 people involved in the fight, with a Carnival employee appearing to be in the middle, trying to deflect some of the blows. There’s no way he’s in his job description. At one point, someone blew a whistle (perhaps a life preserver) to try and break up the fight. didn’t help. The Florida Man (or Florida Woman) fight couldn’t be stopped. We don’t even know for sure if the people in the fight are of Florida. But it’s probably a safe assumption.

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