Every Street Fighter Game Ranked From Worst To Best

X-Men vs. Street Fighter

7. X-Men vs. Street Fighter

While the connection between Marvel and Capcom would strengthen over time, that’s when things started to get wild in the best way for the publisher’s line of fighting games. This cross between Street Fighter and Marvel’s X-Men corner is such an odd combination, but it gives us things like Sabretooth and Dhalsim constantly together as an odd couple team-up, and the ridiculousness of Rogue being able to steal Akuma’s raging demon attack by kissing him. . There’s also Magneto killing M. Bison and convincing his minions to join his mutant brotherhood.

This is also Capcom’s first tag team game, the icing on the cake of a game that felt very fresh in the mid-’90s. Seeing Ryu go from throwing fireballs to full-on laser beams; make Chun-Li jump so high that the screen has to scroll up; turn Apocalypse into a gigantic and beautiful sprite; debuting Cammy’s new Killer Bee appearance. this is not the best Marvel vs. Capcom entry, but it is undoubtedly one of the most innovative.

street fighter 5

6. Street Fighter V

street fighter v have a extremely rough pitch. The game launched with a small roster of characters, no arcade mode, a laughable story mode, and endless online server issues. It was a disappointment, plain and simple. But gradually, the game got better, introducing new characters, settings, and other bells and whistles. It took years and a batch of DLC… but it got there. In his last days, street fighter v it was a stellar fighting game.

The V-Gauge system helps the game stand out among the other entries and the concept felt stronger once the game started adding additional V-Trigger options and more unique fighters that compliment the mechanics. Speaking of the fighters, there are some real winners in this group. They took old characters that did not appear in street fighter iv and give them a fresh coat of paint like Birdie, Rainbow Mika, Urien, Gill, and Oro. Characters like Kolin, Zeku, and Ed, who only had cameos in older games, became full-fledged fighters here, bringing a lot of personality to the game. . They even removed the mysterious Q Street Fighter III: Third Strike and almost reintroduced him as G, the self-proclaimed president of Earth.

street fighter x tekken

5.Street Fighter X Tekken

Very similar street fighter v, street fighter x tekken He had a disastrous debut. There was some DLC related to his gem system that came off as a “pay to win” scheme. The fights took too long and the Pandora mechanics just didn’t work. The 2013 patch update made the game much better, but it was too late for many players, who had already canceled the crossover and moved on.

While many of the game’s core ideas needed some work, it’s definitely a great evolution from street fighter iv‘s, turning him into a tag fighter and giving successful Capcom makeovers to so many tekken characters. Oh, and also Ugly Box Art Mega Man, because why the hell not? We’re also fans of the game’s silly story setup that turns things into It’s a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy world with the casts of Street Fighter and tekken. Further Street Fighter games need Zangief and Rufus to go on crazy adventures together.