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Evercade Experience

The Evercade EXP, available for pre-order tomorrow, will feature 18 Capcom games that you can take on the go.

Of course, it is not the only console that offers this functionality, but the Evercade range is exclusively focused on retro games. The previous portable model, simply called the Evercade, allowed you to buy cartridges full of retro titles and play to your heart’s content, without ever going near a Rom site.

This new console will have the same features, but it will be a bit faster than its predecessor. It will also have 4GB of memory compared to the original’s 256MB, though since this new console supports WiFi, some if not most of it will be used as internal storage.

The screen size remains the same, but the resolution has almost doubled to 800×480. And then there are those Capcom games that, for the most part, are absolute classics. The titles that will be incorporated, in other words, as part of those 4 GB, are:

  • 1942 (arcade version)
  • 1943 (arcade version)
  • 1944: The Loop Master (Arcade version)
  • Bionic Commando™ (Arcade version)
  • Captain Commando™ (Arcade version)
  • Commando™ (Arcade version)
  • Final Fight™ (Arcade version)
  • Forgotten Worlds™ (Arcade Version)
  • Ghouls ‘n Ghosts™ (Arcade version)
  • Legendary Wings™ (Arcade version)
  • MERCS (Arcade version)
  • Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting (Arcade version)
  • Strider (Arcade version)
  • Vulgus™ (Arcade version)
  • Mega Man (8 bit)
  • Mega Man 2 (8 bit)
  • Mega Man X (16 bit)
  • Fire Breath (16 bit)

Unfortunately, there are some “missing” titles. There is not Super Street Fighter II Turbofor example, neither Marvel vs. Capcom show up, though in the latter case we suspect re-licensing would be a pain. The good news is that the new Evercade EXP will play all cartridges from the “old” and now discontinued Evercade.

The regular console will be available in white, while there is also a limited edition black console that, instead of Capcom titles, comes with a selection of Irem games. We’d pick Capcom any day, but we prefer the more gothic look of the limited edition.

We are fans of a good retro game. If we’re near a seaside town, we tend to drop by and check out the arcades but, in the UK at least, these have mostly been replaced by ticket redemption machines. Japan’s arcades fared a bit better, but even they are feeling the pressure.

If you’re into portable retro gaming (both arcade and home), you can find out more here and pre-order the Evercade EXP, which retails at £129.99, via the Evercade website.

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