Essential video games for Stray fans

Lost became one of the few games of the year that could take on a game like elden ring. While most games invite players to become incredible warriors in another world, Lost let people become a cat. Set in a futuristic world where only robots exist (except for at least one litter of cats), Lost It worked perfectly as a game for those who wanted to explore a city like a kitten.

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But Lost it’s a short game, and many people probably want something similar. Either something low stress, focused on exploration, a game completely devoid of action and focused on storytelling, or just something where they can be a cat again.

10 Subnautica asks players to explore an underwater alien world

Trade the hauntingly beautiful city for Lost for an underwater alien planet in subnautics. Within subnautics, the player assumes the role of the last survivor of his spaceship, the Aurora. Stranded on the planet, the only course of action is to try to live long enough to get off the planet.

Fortunately, the game has all kinds of tools to make surviving an easier job. Players can build their own base and vehicles as the story unfolds and they learn the secrets of this new planet.

9 Kitaria Fables asks players to save Paw Village as an adventurous cat

point of Lost it was experiencing life as a cat in a world without humans. Fables of Kitaria does something similar, but instead of the world being full of robots, they’re all anthropomorphized animals. There’s more combat, since this is a legitimate action RPG, but there’s also crafting and farming for players who want to relax.

However, the relaxation will not last long, as the player is tasked with finding out why the wildlife around the Paw Village has become so aggressive. Kitaria send players from all over the world into dangerous dungeons alone and in co-op to discover the truth of what happened.

8 Night in the Woods is set in a normal world that features animals as humans.

Developer Infinite Fall Released night in the woods in 2017, after a successful Kickstarter, he made four times his original goal. Night In the woods It begins as an exploration-focused game about college dropout Mae Borowski after she returns to her hometown.

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But players who expect nothing more than a relaxing story about life may find themselves disturbed as the story unfolds. While there’s a lot of focus on the connections Mae builds with the people of the city, a few twists will appeal to fans looking for something deeper into the game world.

7 Abzu makes swimming in video games an enjoyable experience

abzu It might be the first game from Giant Squid Studios, but its developers were known for working on some of the best indie games like Flower Y Trip. And like those two games, Abzu creates its own sublime experience; this time he focused on exploring an ocean.

Playing as the Diver, Abzu challenges players to bring the seas back to life alongside a great white shark. While most games have terrible underwater controls, Abzu makes swimming an unforgettable experience where players can meet marine life of all kinds.

6 Biomutant is an open world game featuring a world with only animals

biomutantI like it Lost, shows a world totally devoid of humanity. But instead of focusing on a cyberpunk world of all robots, this is a world where only mutated animals exist. As a hero, the protagonist explores the world to fight against the creatures that attack the Tree of Life, which has been weakened by a disaster.

Although the exploration Lost The love of the fans is still present in this open world, the focus is much more on combat. The protagonist can mutate to become faster or stronger, create new weapons and master moves as he meets more characters.

5 Cloudpunk allows players to become delivery men in a cyberpunk world

Part of strays The appeal is allowing the player to exist in a low-stress version of a cyberpunk world. Weather Lost it has combat, it’s more about exploration and being a cat. punk cloud takes exploration further, ditching combat altogether and increasing the focus on the story.

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In this universe, players are delivery drivers for the Cloudpunk delivery service. Along the way, players meet other citizens and uncover the mysteries of the city of Nivalis. Unlike LostThe choices players make in the game will affect the people they meet, so they will need to make choices they are comfortable with.

4 Okami asks players to become the goddess Amaterasu to save the world.

Capcom made a classic of players taking on the role of an animal over a decade ago with the PlayStation 2 game. okami. As the sun goddess Amaterasu (no, not the technique of naruto), the players go on a journey to defeat Orochi and his army. Interaction with the world is done through the Celestial Brush, which is used to fight enemies, solve puzzles, and help others.

While the game launched to poor sales, it has since been known as one of the best games of the PlayStation 2 era. And thankfully, thanks to the game’s cel-shading appearance, it still looks as beautiful now as it does. when it was released.

3 Concrete Genie allows players to create their own friends by drawing them

Pixelopus’ concrete genius was one of Sony’s most creative titles of the PlayStation 4 era. The player takes on the role of a teenager named Ash, who spends most of his time drawing in his notebook. He is bullied by the boys in his local neighborhood, but when his artwork begins to come to life, Ash begins to feel more comfortable with himself and explores his home.

Much of concrete genies The appeal is in using the PS4 DualShock controller to create your own unique paintings, but there are also pre-drawn paintings for gamers who just want to enjoy the beautiful world.

two Untitled Goose Game Turns Players Into Goose Nuisance

One of the best things about Lost is how much it allows players to behave like cats. Interaction with objects exists solely for the player to knock them down, precisely as cats would in real life. Untitled Goose Game it is similar, except the player becomes an annoyance to a goose instead of a cat.

The puzzles are still present, and players become a threat to the people of a town instead of exploring a cool cyberpunk world. You may lack the atmosphere of Lostbut Untitled Goose Game It was one of the most welcoming Nintendo Switch games of 2019 for a reason.

1 Robe features Challenging action adventure combat with the player as a fox

Robe exists for everyone who thought Stray was a great idea, but it would be even better if it was based on fantasy and played as a fox instead of a cat. However, the game has a lot in common with Zeldawhere players explore the world and gradually unlock new areas.

Although there is more combat in this game than in Lost, solving puzzles and exploring a mysterious world remains the same. While Robe is more challengingthat LostIt’s still one of the best games of the year.

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