Epic Games Store reveals two free games for September 29

The Epic Games Store releases its two free games for the week of September 22-29 and reveals what will replace them next Thursday.

epic game store launches its selection for September 2022 and reveals the gifts that will arrive next week. As most users know, the Epic Games Store rotates its selection of free games every Thursday at 10am CT. While there have been secret releases and surprises periodically each year, the release of new games is often accompanied by the announcement of the following week’s games, which is a great way to keep the attention on the service.

Epic Games Store users can now claim Ark: Survival Evolved Y Gloom Haven, The former being a dinosaur survival sandbox game and the latter being a dungeon crawler adaptation of the popular board game. In both games, players put hundreds of hours into them to explore all the content, so when these games are free to play, there’s really no arguing with that. Both of these games are easy to recommend, but if anyone wants to pass them on or just add them to their backlog, be aware that there will also be more games on September 29 at 10am CT.


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the Drone Racing League Simulator Y Rainbow they will be free on the Epic Games Store from September 29 to October 6, at which point they will be replaced by another game (or games). the Drone Racing League Simulator places players in the field of view of a drone and focuses on high-intensity racing based on real-world Drone Racing League tracks. This simulator also reportedly has the benefit of helping gamers understand how racing drones work in the real world, but it also allows for some crazy gameplay, some crashes and crashes, and more.

For example, it features a Search and Destroy game mode that any gamer should be familiar with. At the same time, it features an onboarding mode that guides players through progression missions that not only train them in-game, but match professional outfits used by real-world pilots.

Rainbow, meanwhile, is a platform racer that features as many game modes like Run, Arena, and King of the Hill as any traditional racing game. In fact, there’s even a single player campaign that features over 140 levels. In total, it supports 9 players locally or online, has 19 guest characters, and loads of content. It seems that the two games are unified by the theme of racing, but they are not traditional races either.

epic game store users get a handful of free games each month.

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