Epic Games brings Rift Spawning, Legendary Pump Shotguns and more

Fortnite Late Game Arena: The Late Game Arena returns as a competitive 60-player experience that begins in a small Battle Royale area…

Fortnite Late Game Arena – Late Game Arena returns as a 60-player competitive experience that begins in a small area on Battle Royale Island. Battle involves being the last player or team standing while equipped with a variety of weapons, utilities, and materials at the start of each round. If you haven’t played Late Game Arena before, it’s intense, chaotic, and a lot of fun. Read on to find out what to expect when Late Game Arena returns on Tuesday, August 30 at 8am ET. For future updates on Fortnite, follow InsideSport.IN.


Late Game Arena will continue to deliver the fast-paced, instant action that gamers love. You’ll be able to drop in with your trio or “fill up” with new teammates. We are also keeping the Late Game Arena set to fog free during the day to provide maximum visibility of your enemies.

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Fortnite Late Game Arena: Epic Games brings Rift Spawning, Legendary Pump Shotguns and more
Fortnite Late Game Arena: Epic Games brings Rift Spawning, Legendary Pump Shotguns and more (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Late Game Arena: WHAT’S NEW IN THE LAST GAME ARENA?

loot pool

Late Game Arena returns with fresh gameplay thanks to a loot pool specifically chosen for competitive balance and improved performance. You’ll spawn with some of the most popular weapons and items from previous chapters and seasons. Check us out starting August 30 at 8am ET and find out which weapons and items are making a comeback!


You might remember that the Late Game Arena had a long opening phase to ensure players couldn’t easily wait until the next zone was revealed before landing. This resulted in too many eliminations before the “late” part of the Late Game Arena.

This time we are experimenting with Rift Spawning. You’ll start each round by hovering 100 meters above the island with 10 seconds to decide where exactly you want to land. Looking down will force you to dive and you will be forced to deploy your glider 25 meters above the island without being able to pull your glider down first.

We’ve also significantly reduced Storm’s initial times: you’ll have less than 20 seconds until the next location spawns and 40 seconds until Storm’s circle begins to close.

We are eager to hear your feedback on the changes and where further improvements can be made.


Now you can show that your teammates are stealing eliminations while you do all the work! We’re adding a new in-game leaderboard with details on kills, assists, damage dealt, and damage taken.


We feel that you would prefer to have more time to play Late Game Arena instead of waiting for the following improvements, but at the same time, we want you to know something about what is coming in a future update:

  • While waiting to dive, you will be able to ping the location without opening the map.
  • While you wait to dive in, you’ll be able to manually rearrange your inventory (preferred item slots work as usual in the meantime).

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