Edgar Allan Poe searches for answers in Raven’s Hollow

With crow’s hollow Now streaming on Shudder, we have a brand new exclusive clip that provides a sneak peek of the new horror film. A Shudder Original, the film follows a young Edgar Allan Poe (William Moseley) and four other West Point cadets on a training exercise when they are drawn by a shocking discovery to a forgotten community. In our clip, which you can see below, Edgar is on the lookout for one of his fellow cadets who has mysteriously disappeared.

crow’s hollow is written and directed by Christopher Hatton from a story by Hatton and Chuck Reeves. Caroline Stern, Todd Lundbohm and Andrejs Ekis produced. Executive producers include Christina Lundbohm, Michael Sharkey, Al Nguyen, Mark Andrews, Stephanie Denton, Emily Gotto, Patrick Fischer, Richard Kondal and Sean Wheelan.


Along with Moseley as Poe, the film also stars Melanie Zanetti, Kate Dickie, and David Hayman. The official synopsis is as follows:

Fall 1830. West Point military cadet Edgar Allan Poe and four other cadets on a training exercise in upstate New York come across a disembowelled man on a strange wooden shelf. His last words direct them to a forgotten community, who believe he holds sinister secrets. Captivated by the saloonkeeper’s beautiful and mysterious daughter, Charlotte, and fueled by the townsman’s refusal to talk about the murder, Poe sets out to uncover the truth. Risking his life and more, Poe finally comes face to face with the terror that will haunt him forever.

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Edgar Allan Poe has inspired countless horror stories

Edgar Allan Poe has long been considered one of history’s greatest authors of all time, and his various works have inspired many adaptations across various mediums. He continues to inspire more than a hundred and fifty years after his death, influencing other notable authors such as HP Lovecraft and Stephen King. But Poe himself is a mysterious figure with much of his real-life history left to the unknown. That made him perfect for the role of the lead in crow’s hollow.

“Poe is remembered in history as a pale, haunted figure, but long before that he was a brilliant and distinguished West Point cadet,” states a Shudder press release about the well-known author of The Raven. “The events surrounding his sudden discharge have never been explained. This is where our story unfolds. In crow’s hollow, Poe becomes the central character in an imaginative gothic horror that delves into the origins of his dark fiction and fractured psyche. It’s the fantastic story of how Poe became Poe.”

The horror-based streamer adds: “Poe’s stories were so dark and terrifying that they fundamentally changed literature and pop culture. What drove Edgar Allan Poe to explore such depths of psychological horror? The public’s interest in life The turbulent and troubled side of him has never dimmed. His biography provides a wealth of tantalizing mysteries that could explain his morbid writing. Addiction to drink and hallucinogenic drugs. The tragic death of his one true love. The strange final days of his life are shrouded in mystery and remain a source of dark fascination. Less known, but just as true, is another mystery early in his life.”

crow’s hollow now streaming on Shudder.

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