Early Access Impression: Paranormal Hunter – Is the game in the room with us right now?

While I didn’t expect Citizen Kane EALoGAMES’ splendor levels paranormal hunterits striking (but completely coincidental, of course) resemblance to Kinetic Games Phasmaphobia at least it promised an hour or two of fun gaming with friends. Oh how wrong we were because not a single minute of my brief time with paranormal hunter It forced me to play more.

The beginning of paranormal hunterThe problems start the moment you start the game. Not many games can boast of failing before they’ve even started, but this sloppily compiled plagiarism project somehow achieves even that. for one though paranormal hunter it doesn’t have the configuration basics like brightness controls, it gives players the option to change the brightness of their cursor… for some reason. Oddly enough (although not surprising by now), you CAN change your screen resolution. However, the developers seem to have forgotten to put the 2560 x 1440 (the most common PC screen resolution) option there. Don’t worry though, 3840 x 2160 is there even though very few gamers have a 4k monitor.

20230522172154 1
It would be really nice to have some brightness adjustments here…

So once you’ve figured out that you can’t tweak the settings to suit your setup, now it’s time to play around. paranormal hunter…or not, because now you have to complete a tutorial. I don’t think I’ve ever played a tutorial before that felt so completely unnecessary but at the same time completely useless. It’s patronizingly basic and at the same time explains nothing at all.

The objective of paranormal hunter is to banish the ghost that haunts the level. This means locating the previously drawn summoning circle somewhere inside the building and then throwing a grenade and severed hand there. Why specifically a grenade and a severed hand? The tutorial doesn’t mind going into more detail on this. Despite being a squad of ghost hunters, we also don’t have the courtesy to bring our own grenades and hands even though these are needed in every mission, instead we simply search the abandoned building for a severed hand lying somewhere. place and also a fresh pomegranate.

20230522171810 1
Oh good, they already have the summoning circle drawn up.

While searching for these items (did you check the fridge yet?), the player is repeatedly attacked by the entities they are trying to exorcise. This involves the ghost first screaming to alert you that it is lurking, this is done using the same scream effect each time and for each level as well. Players then need to switch to the UV setting on their torches to drive the ghost back and temporarily banish it so they can continue searching the kitchen cupboard for a free hand. During this time, the player’s ‘sanity’ meter will drop, the speed of which will increase when the ghost is near. If you run out of sanity, you just pass out and it’s game over.

I played paranormal hunter with our audio and video editor, Nirav, and we failed the first mission, The Trembling House. Even though we had successfully exorcised the building and the threat was gone, our sanity levels continued to plummet and our characters simultaneously fainted as low health Pokémon. There was no warning or explanation, we just dropped to the ground.

20230522171243 1
Why are these the most cumbersome inventory controls?

The second level, The Hanging Hospital, is located in an abandoned hospital and once again we had to search the area for fruits and severed body parts to complete the ritual. The hospital is a much larger map than the first, although each of them hardly holds anything of interest. While looking for the grenade that we could have picked up from the supermarket on the way, Nirav accidentally dropped his flashlight and couldn’t pick it up, meaning he couldn’t defend himself or see anything. While Nirav was looking for his torch as Scooby DooVelma is looking for her glasses, I tried to complete the mission. Though at this point, not even friendly online gaming banter could save this miserable session. Fortunately for us, the game crashed quickly.

paranormal hunter it’s just not fun, and it’s certainly not scary. The sound effects are ridiculously cheap and repetitive and the level designs don’t even seem complete. There’s nothing of interest to explore or do while trying to complete the quest and it’s honestly just an empty experience. The ghosts have the same transparent color design every time, despite the trailers hinting at more physical looking entities that were much scarier.

20230522171759 1
Oh well, just what I needed.

paranormal hunter it feels like it’s been slapped on the face during a lunch break, as there’s absolutely no thought put into it, and when there is, it’s just scraped off. Phasmaphobia. The gameplay concepts are completely confusing and at the same time painfully basic with very few challenges. While it’s still in Early Access, I honestly feel like there’s too much work here to reasonably expect it to be anywhere near a release condition in the next few years. Your biggest obstacle in paranormal hunter He will be on the hunt for the desire to continue.

jess played paranormal hunter in early access with a code provided by the publisher.