Drifting Home Anime Voice Cast Revealed As Fans React To New Netflix Movie

Who are the voice cast in Netflix’s new fantasy anime film Drifting Home, what have they appeared in before, and how has the film been rated?

Netflix is ​​looking to drop back-to-back hits this week after Studio Trigger’s standout Cyberpunk: Edgerunners series.

The latest anime offering from the OTT streaming giants is a feature film called Drifting Home, a heartfelt and emotional story of lost friendship and wasted youth.

While the visuals and story will certainly grab the headlines, the voice acting in Drifting Home is really the highlight of the film, so who are the cast and what other anime do you recognize them from?

What is Drifting Home all about?

Drifting Home is a fantasy anime drama film produced by Studio Twin Engine (Vinland Saga season 1 and Dororo), animated by Studio Colores (A Whisker Away and Burn the Witch), and directed by Hiroyasu Ishida (Penguin Highway and Rain Town). .

The film tells the story of Kousuke and Natsume, who have been friends since they were little children. However, as the two progress through high school, they slowly drift away from each other, even appearing to avoid each other during the day.

During summer vacation, they visit the soon-to-be-demolished apartment complex where they both grew up. As they reminisce about their time together as children, they suddenly pass out after a mysterious phenomenon shakes the building.

When they wake up, the apartment building is adrift in an endless open ocean; Along with a few other classmates who were also at the compound, can these friends survive and find their way home?

“One fateful summer, a group of elementary school kids adrift in an abandoned apartment building must look within themselves to find their way back home.” – Synopsis of Drifting Home, via Netflix.

Drifting Home: Anime Voice Cast

The following voice actors appear in the Japanese cast of Drifting Home:

How have fans reacted to Drifting Home?

Drifting Home was only available to stream on Netflix for a few hours, but the anime film received an impressive response from fans and critics alike, earning an 80% viewed score on Rotten Tomatoes.

IGN gave the film a rating of 7/10, noting that it is “a product of a decent script and solid voice work, not to mention excellent animation from Studio Colores.”

“The emotional battlefield between the reluctant but traumatized Natsume and the cautious Kosuke is rich territory, but it feels more procedural than fleshed out, as does the fantastical logic of the world, which lacks coherence.” – Review of Drifting Home, via The New York Times.

Digital Spy gave the film a 3.5/5 rating, sharing in their review that “Drifting Home is a perfectly acceptable entry in Netflix’s growing catalog of anime, and certainly not a bad way to spend two hours on a Sunday night.” the afternoon, especially if you’ve got younger moviegoers at home.”

“People who are looking for a refreshing watch should watch the anime movie as it will probably bring back their childhood memories. As one grows older, the bond with their childhood friend weakens due to various reasons. This film takes us on an emotional journey and is worth every minute of our precious time.” – Drifting Home review, via Midgard Times.

By Tom Llewellyn [email protected]

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