Dr. Disrespect thinks all snipers should be one-shots in video games.

Well-known YouTube streamer Dr. Disrespect shares his thoughts on the state of snipers and how they should be unique to all video games.

Youtube Streamer and co-founder of Midnight Society, Dr Disrespect, manages to find himself in discussions of games quite often, especially when it comes to how he thinks a game should be balanced. Last month, he received heavy criticism for apex legendThe audio design of and his latest comments point to a much larger theme, as he believes that sniping should be a headshot in all video games.

For those who don’t know, Dr Disrespect has had a storied career in gaming. He started out as a member of Sledgehammer Games, where he used his talents to develop multiplayer maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare until he decided to pursue a full-time career in broadcasting. Despite his antics that got him banned from Twitch, Dr. Disrepsect has always used his platform and previous experience to voice his opinions on what he believes is the proper balance in gaming, and his latest opinion sparked some debate. throughout the community.


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The latest debate comes courtesy of a tweet from Doc himself. In a surprisingly short and to the point tweet, Doc simply states that snipers should be killed or killed no matter the video game, as long as the shot is to the head. Dr Disrespect normally plays Battle Royale or FPS titles like call of duty: war zone on his YouTube streams, and with his tweet getting over 150,000 likes since he posted it, his words caught the attention of many gamers like him.

Some of the notable names who spoke were professionals call of duty: war zone gamer IceManIsaac and professional Call of Duty League broadcaster Maven. IceManIsaac argued that a sniper’s single shot potential should only be rewarded if the weapon requires skill while referring to the Kraber of apex legends– A weapon that is much slower but combines lack of speed with power. Maven shares a similar sentiment, but clarifies that adjustments such as bullet drop need to be implemented rather than being a single hit without proper compensation.

In that sense, two other renowned people shared similar sentiments. Obligations Personality, ModernWarzone, mentioned that there is an argument for both sides of the argument, but agreed with IceManIsaac’s point. Well-known Twitch streamer Trainwrecks weighed in on the lack of balance in general by mentioning how inconsistent shotgun balance is in some games vs. sniper balance. His words serve as a reflection of the infamous 725 shotgun of call of duty: modern warfare which saw five different nerfs and was still somewhat dominating.

For the most part, the reaction to this tweet sparked a very positive discussion, with many agreeing with Doc’s stance, albeit with appropriate trade-offs. With the first Dr. Disrespect title on the horizon, it will be interesting to see if it matches his vocal views on balance in video games.

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