Download Windows 11 22H2 ISO Images (Direct Download Links)

Download Windows 11 22H2 ISO

Windows 11 22H2 ISO images are now available! Even though Microsoft says that Windows 11 22H2 is available only for compatible PCs, it can be used on non-ISO compatible PCs, at your own risk, see below, and all functions work fine.

Windows 11 ISO contains build 22621 (version 22H2) of the operating system and is available in all editions (Pro, Home, Enterprise, Education, etc.). The new operating system requires 64-bit processors, so the ISO file is not offered in the 32-bit version.

Windows 11 version 22H2, also known as Update 2022, began rolling out on September 20, but availability depends on device location. If you can’t wait for the free update notification on Windows Update, you can download Windows 11 version 22H2 ISO to update your devices right away or perform a clean install.

To download the ISO file for Windows 11 version 22H2, you have two options: create a media installation image using the Media Creation Tool, or download the file from the Microsoft website.

Direct Download Windows 11 ISO Files from Microsoft

If you need the installation media right away, follow the guide for direct download links or use these official links:

The link above has been generated using the Microsoft website and will automatically expire after 24 hours. If you downloaded the media image from another source, you can verify the authenticity of your download by following these steps:

  • Open Windows PowerShell.
  • Use the Get-FileHash PowerShell command to calculate the hash value of the file.
  • In this case, use the command Get-FileHash C:\Users\username\Downloads\Win11_English_x64.ISO

If the SHA256 value matches the table below, you can continue with the installation.

Windows 11 22H2 ISO

Note that the above file includes support for all editions of Windows. This includes Pro, Home, Enterprise, Workstation, Education, etc.

In this guide, we will highlight step-by-step instructions to generate direct download links for Windows 11 ISO files and apply the update manually.

How to download Windows 11 22H2 ISO

To download the Windows 11 2022 update ISO, follow these steps:

  1. Open your favorite browser and visit the download page.
  2. Locate the section “Download Windows 11 Disc Image (ISO)“.
    Windows 11 22H2 ISO Disc Image
  3. Select “windows 11” in the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on “Discharge“.
  5. Select the preferred language. If you plan to upgrade existing hardware, be sure to check your settings by visiting Settings > System > About.
  6. Click on the 64-bit download to begin the process.

What is the size of Windows 11 22H2?

The ISO file size is 5.1 GB, but could be slightly smaller or larger depending on the language pack you select.

How to install Windows 11 22H2 using ISO

To install Windows 11 22H2, follow these steps:

  1. Right click Win11_English_x64.ISO and click Mount.
    22H2 ISO mount
  2. Open File Explorer and locate the drive that contains the media image.
    Windows 11 22H2 Setup.exe
  3. double click installation.exe.
  4. Click Yes if Windows asks for administrator permission.
    Windows setup screen
  5. Under the “Install Windows 11” screen, click “next“. You can uncheck the “I want to help improve the installation” option if you wish.
    Checking for updates
  6. On the next screen, you can choose to install any important updates before updating and click next.
    Windows 11 Agreement
  7. Accept the End User License Agreement.
  8. Click Install.
    windows disk image
  9. Under the “ready to install”, be sure to select the option that allows you to keep personal files and applications.
  10. Click Install.

Windows installation screen

Windows will check for updates multiple times to reduce compatibility issues. You can turn off your Internet connection and run setup again if you don’t use Windows to check for updates during setup.

This step is particularly useful when you have a limited or slow Internet connection.

How to perform a clean install of Windows

Performing a clean installation of the operating system is not the same as performing the update through Windows Update or setup.exe from the media image.

This method is particularly useful if you’ve already upgraded to Windows 11 through Windows Update and your computer is experiencing slowdowns or layout issues.

To get started, you’ll need access to an 8GB or larger USB flash drive. Once done, follow these steps:

  1. Download and run Microsoft’s Windows 11 Setup Tool.
    Windows 11 22H2 ISO build
  2. Let setup prepare your device and create installation media for another PC.
  3. Under “Choose which media to use,” select the USB flash drive.
    USB drive Windows 11 22H2
  4. Hit the “next” button.
  5. Select your flash drive.
  6. Paste “next” One more time.
  7. Select “To finalize” to start the Windows 11 download process and create the USB installation drive.

Once done, boot your PC from the USB drive. The boot menu keyboard shortcut depends on the device manufacturer, but you can try pressing ‘F2’, ‘F12’ or ‘Delete’ after turning on the PC.

When you see the blue screen with the installation window, the rest of the process is pretty easy. Essentially, you’ll choose the partition, language, OS edition, and Microsoft will do the rest.

To clean the installation of Windows 11, follow these steps:

  1. Boot using the USB flash drive.
  2. On the blue screen, select “Install Now“.
    Install Now
  3. Select your language (it should be selected automatically). Click Next.
    windows settings
  4. Select “I don’t have a product key” and click Next. Windows will actually activate as the license is usually tied to the Microsoft account.
    Windows 11 activation
  5. Accept the license agreement and select next.
    Windows licenses
  6. Select custom installation and choose the installation partition.
    Windows 11 editions
  7. On the next screen, select the edition of Windows. In our case, we have selected Windows 11 Pro.
  8. Click Next.
  9. The Windows installer will begin to copy files and boot to the OOBE screen.
  10. On the OOBE screen, select your country or region.
  11. Click Yes.
  12. Enter your PC name and click Next
    microsoft account windows 11
  13. Sign in with your Microsoft account. If you are not connected to the Internet, you may not be able to install Windows 11 Home. For Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise, it is possible to create a local account directly from the OOBE screen
    Windows OOBE PIN Screen
  14. On the next screen, create a PIN.
    Windows Interests
  15. Select your interests. For example, if you plan to use the PC for gaming or schoolwork, select those options. This will allow Microsoft to customize the Store and suggestion experience for you.
    Privacy policy screen
  16. Review the privacy settings and enable/disable options, and click Next.Windows OneDrive
  17. Set up OneDrive. If you don’t want to use OneDrive, select Store files only on this device option.

If you’ve followed the steps correctly, you should see the desktop and a new Windows 11 Start menu.

Bypass “This PC can’t run Windows 11” error during 22H2 setup

This PC can't run windows 11 screen

Windows 11 has a lot in common with Windows 10. In fact, it’s essentially Windows 10 in a new skin, but it comes with new system requirements that are stricter than any previous version of Windows.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the system requirements and Microsoft has confirmed that it will block the update on unsupported PCs.

Microsoft’s reasons for the stringent hardware requirements aren’t entirely clear, but the company claims that TPM 2.0 and new CPUs from AMD and Intel are required for better security and performance, respectively.

For example, the TPM 2.0 requirement opens up new opportunities for anti-cheat systems. In fact, Valorant’s Riot Games has already started enforcing TPM 2.0 in Windows 11. On the other hand, newer CPUs ensure fewer blue screen of death errors and better performance, according to Microsoft officials.

If you still want to install Windows 11, there is a solution.

There is an open source GitHub project called ‘Skip_TPM_Check_on_Dynamic_Update.cmd’, a script that will allow users to download Windows 11 if their system does not have a TPM 2.0.

The script can also be used to override the other requirements, but this could lead to stability issues and Microsoft could disable Windows Updates on your device. Just because you can deploy the operating system doesn’t mean your PC will be considered eligible for future upgrades.

To bypass the requirements and install Windows 11 using ISO, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the Github page.
  2. Discharge Universal media creation tool envelope.
  3. Extract the zip.
    Windows 11 bypass script
  4. Run MediaCreationTool.bat and ignore the security warnings.
    Windows 11 bypass
  5. Select 11.
    Create ISO
  6. Click on “Create ISO

When you click “Create ISO”, the media creation tool will start to check for updates and start downloading Windows 11. Once done, simply follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows 11.

Features, Enhancements, and Known Issues

Windows 11 22H2 is a great release and comes with a couple of design improvements to the operating system.

One of the biggest improvements in Windows 11 22H2 is the redesigned File Explorer. The new File Explorer supports tabs, a new sidebar, and much more. Additionally, the Start menu, which sits in the center of the taskbar, has been updated with support for new customization options.

You can still use the icons or pin/unpin apps, but it’s no longer possible to resize the start menu to your liking. Starting from 22H2, you will be able to add more icons or recommendations as you like.

In addition to the new Start menu, Windows 11 also includes a new way to manage notifications and settings from the desktop. Also, Windows 11 introduces a modern taskbar and it is now possible to drag and drop apps/files to the taskbar.

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