Download many files in Chrome at the same time

DownThemAll lets you queue downloads in Chrome

if you are going to need download many files through Chrome, an interesting option is to be able to queue them for download. This way, you don’t have to go one by one and waste time. Think, for example, of several Linux distributions that you need to download and each one takes 5 or 10 minutes to download.

Note that if your Internet connection is slow, all the more reason this extension can be useful. You can not worry and let everything download itself. put them all down is a plugin that you can download for free. Once you install it, an icon will appear at the top of the browser.

When you install it, you can click on the extension button and enter preferences. There it will take you to a window to configure some parameters.

What interests us in this case is to click on Network and see the Simultaneous Downloads section. That is what will allow us to download several files at once. By default, it is set to 4, but you can increase that number as desired. However, to avoid problems it is not a good idea to put a very high figure. Is better queued downloads and that the files are downloaded little by little.

Simultaneous downloads in Chrome

You can also set the number of attempts to download a file. Sometimes the download fails, for example due to a specific problem with the server. This way, DownThemAll will try to download that file again and if it works normally again, it will download.

Process for adding downloads

When you have installed the extension put them all down and you have configured it with the number of simultaneous downloads, you can now start downloading files. To do this, it’s as easy as clicking the link and clicking the name of the Chrome plugin to add it. From there, it will already be included in the download list of DownThemAll.

This way you can start multiple downloads don’t worry. You will be able to circumvent the limitation that Google Chrome has by allowing you to only download one file and not being able to queue more so that they can be downloaded later automatically. Also, you can use it as a download manager and have greater control over everything you download from the Internet.

In short, as you can see you can download several things at the same time in Chrome. Simply with the browser you will not be able to, but by installing the DownThemAll plugin. It’s completely free, works great, and is useful for those who constantly download files from the Internet and want more control over their downloads. It’s important to prevent downloads from being blocked in Chrome, and extensions like this one can help.

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