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RRB Group D 2022 Exam Memory Based Questions (Phase 2 PDF Download): Get memory-based questions from the General Awareness, General Science, GK, and Current Affairs section that were included in the RRB Group D 2022 CBT Phase-2 (26the August to 8the September 2022).

RRB Group D 2022 Exam Memory Based Questions: RRB Group D 2022 CBT Phase-2 Exam has started today – 26the August and will run until 8the September 2022. The RRB Group D 2022 Exam (RRC CEN 01/2019) is being held for the hiring of 103769 Vacancies under Level 1 of the 7th CPC Payment Matrix in various units of Indian Railways. In this article we are going to share the important Memory-based General Science, General Awareness, General Knowledge and Current Affairs questions based on the feedback received by the candidates who sat for the RRB Group D 2022 online exam. definitely cover these questions to get high marks on the exam.

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Let’s take a look at the important questions covered in the RRB Group D 2022 exam:

RRB Group D 2022 General Science/GA/ GK/ Topical Questions (Phase 2)

The Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve is in:

Answer: Madhya Pradesh – The Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve is an unused conservation area and biosphere reserve in the Satpura Range of the state of Madhya Pradesh in central India.

BHEL In what year was it founded?

Answer: Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited was born and formally incorporated on 13th November 1964

At what price is real GDP calculated?

Answer: Real GDP is GDP evaluated at market prices in some base year.

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Diabetes is caused by deficiency of:

Answer: Diabetes is caused by a deficiency of insulin in the blood.

Who won the Swiss Open women’s singles badminton 2022?

Answer: PV Sindhu

What river flows from Maharashtra Mahabaleshwar to the Bay of Bengal?

Answer: The Krishna River rises in the Western Ghats, at an elevation of about 1,337 m (4,386 ft) just north of Mahabaleshwar, about 64 km (40 mi) from the Arabian Sea. It flows for about 1,400 km (870 mi) and empties into the Bay of Bengal.

Which Indian team won the bronze medal at the 2021 Olympics?

Answer: Indian hockey team

What movement started with the Salt Satyagraha?

The Salt Satyagraha was a mass civil disobedience movement initiated by Mahatma Gandhi against the salt tax imposed by the British government in India.

Newland’s law of the octave was active until:

Answer: The law of octaves was found to be applicable up to calcium. After calcium, the properties of the following elements were not synchronized according to the law of octaves.

What award did Narayan Pradhan win in scientific research?

Answer: 31st GD Birla Award for Scientific Research

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What is the classical language of India?

Answer: Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit, Kannada, Malayalam and Odia have been given the status of classical language.

The fundamental duties were added through which amendment in the Constitution of India?

Answer: The fundamental duties of citizens were added to the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment in 1976, following the recommendations of the Swaran Singh Committee which was formed by the Government.

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How many covalent bonds are there in the N2 molecule?

Answer: three

What does RBI do when inflation rises?

Answer: RBI raises its repo rate to control inflation

Na2Co3 is known as:

Answer: Soda ash, Na 2CO 3 also known as washing soda, soda ash, and soda crystals

Raja Festival is celebrated in:

Answer: Raja Parba, also known as Mithuna Sankranti, is a three-day festival of womanhood in Odisha, India.

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