Does Pallavi accept his homosexuality?

‘Maja Ma’ is a comedy-drama film about Pallavi Patel, a seemingly quintessential married woman who harbors a secret that turns her life upside down. The film is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers.

plot summary

Pallavi Patel is adored by absolutely everyone. His family loves her and he is always the most popular person in his neighborhood.

Tejas Patel, his son, falls in love with Esha Hansraj, an NRI from a wealthy family in the United States. Her parents, Pam and Bob, are paranoid and even make Texas take a lie detector test, which he passes.

However, they want him to pass a final test; whether their families are compatible or not. They arrive in Gujarat and Bob is immediately impressed with the Pallavi and the deep roots of the family.

Tara, the married sister from Texas, is a vocal activist for LGBTQ+ rights. She believes that her family is too backward and unable to understand her. During a heated argument with her mother, she blames her for being just like everyone else while pretending to be open-minded.

During the dispute, Pallavi accidentally tells her that she is uncomfortable because she is a lesbian herself, which surprises Tara.

Later, during an event, a girl who is usually at his house reveals that she made a video of the discussion. She plays herself in front of the entire neighborhood, putting Bob and Pam off.

Suddenly, the neighbors began to ostracize her and Esha’s parents chose not to fully engage because they believe it would hurt Bob’s political ambitions at home.

Tejas and Manohar, Pallavi’s husband, simply refuse to believe the video. At this point, Bob suggests another lie detector test to determine her sexual orientation.

Manohar begins to believe that their marriage lacks spark. His old friend Moolchand Adhia suggests that they need more sex to spice up their lives as that is what keeps his marriage to his wife Kanchan going.

Tejas keeps selfishly pestering her mother to take a lie detector test to save her own marriage. However, Pallavi knows that she will fail the test because she is actually a lesbian, but she cannot explicitly tell him this.

In a twist, Kanchan meets Pallavi and it is revealed that she was in fact his mistress when the two of them were young. Kanchan waited to elope with her at a train station, but she never showed up.

During a flashback, they are shown to be together. Kanchan was always the most open and they were clearly in love.

In the present day, Moolchand reveals that Manohar actually came to see Kanchan to get married, but Pallavi fell in love with him.

Tejas listens to the entire conversation between Pallavi and Kanchan and realizes the truth. She now tries to convince Esha that the lie detector test is not a good idea.

In an attempt to help her mom come out, Esha takes her to an activist who helps the LGBTQ+ community. But she refuses to talk to Pallavi until she is ready herself. Despite Tara’s pleas, Pallavi leaves her, asking her to leave her alone.

Tejas tries to take Pallavi alone to a priest, but Tara overhears this and makes it a family and friends trip. When he takes her to the priest, she is extremely disappointed in him.

During the trip, Kanchan, Pallavi and Pam are left alone in a cable car. Pam tries to insult Pallavi, but Kanchan tells her what she thinks.

She criticizes her for not accepting that Bob doesn’t even look at her and openly tries to get close to other women, and now he’s trying to act with great power. This hits Pam hard, and she begins to reflect on her own marriage.

Manohar takes a ‘medicine’ to help with intercourse, but it fails and he ends up in the hospital. While he is there, he asks Pallavi if he ever liked her. She claims that she did, but that she could never love him for who he really is.

He also turns his back on her, as the lie detector test approaches.

Maja Ma’s ending explained in detail:

Why does Pallavi agree to take a lie detector test?

One day, Pallavi meets Kanchan and Moolchand and realizes that he has lost his hair due to being diagnosed with leukemia (blood cancer).

This makes her reflect on her feelings for Kanchan and her life decisions. Tejas suggests that she doesn’t need to get tested even if she ruins her marriage.

However, Pallavi now wants to take the test and vows to tell nothing but the truth. Tara tries to stop the test, but Pallavi tells her that she’s ready to talk about it now, regardless of the repercussions for her.

What happens during the test?

Pallavi arrives for the test and completes the setup. Bob begins with the simple question of if she is really Pallavi Patel and if the lights in the room are on, to which she answers truthfully.

He then begins to question her. First, she asks if she likes him and Pam. She agrees that she doesn’t. She continues with questions like if she likes sleeping with her husband, to which she replies “no”.

When he asks her directly if she’s a lesbian, she asks him what he means by that. He asks her if she has had sex with or touched another woman with bad intentions and she refuses. The machine says that she is telling the truth.

Bob continues the interrogation, but Pam has a fit where she yells at Bob for always neglecting her. She tells him that Tejas is a good person and that they will go ahead with the marriage.

On his way back, Tejas asks him how he passed the test. She simply replies that all the questions were wrong. If he had asked her if he had ever loved another woman, she would happily have said yes.

Fed up with all this, she tells Tejas that she will stay until the engagement, but that she will not be his mother from then on.

Does Pallavi’s family realize their mistake?

Back at home, Pallavi criticizes Manohar for never asking her about her wishes when he wanted to marry her. Why do you care so much now? She always did her best to fulfill the role of wife and mother.

Tejas accepts his selfishness. He reveals that she always gave him everything he wanted, and he became so spoiled that he refused to let things turn out the way he had never imagined. He sincerely apologizes to her.

He even calls off the engagement, claiming that a son who couldn’t even accept his mother would never make a good husband for Esha.

Manohar also realizes his mistake. He declares that he will not present the lie detector test results to the neighborhood as all of them have no right to judge her.

He tells Pallavi that he spent his entire life making sure everyone was comfortable, and now it’s his turn to make her feel the same way. They can continue to live together as partners.

What about Pallavi and Kanchan at the end?

Now that the family relationship has been mended, Pallavi is ready to get back on track and everyone goes dancing during the festivities.

Tejas meets Esha, who wants them to give each other more to understand each other, and the marriage may come later.

Tejas himself gathers Pallavi and Kanchan to dance like they used to. Manohar watches with his full support and casts a pitiful look at Moolchand, who still doesn’t know that Kanchan is a lesbian.

Pallavi and Kanchan look at each other, very much in love. Kanchan asks if he would be with her if he comes back as a man in her next life. But Pallavi replies that she would want the same Kanchan in every life, which brings the movie to an end.

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