Does Murder Mystery 2 have a post credits scene? termination explained

Published: 2023-03-31T07:05:00

Updated: 2023-03-30T15:43:48

Murder Mystery 2 is now streaming on Netflix, so it’s time to clarify what happened at the end of the movie and reveal whether or not the Netflix movie has a post-credits scene.

Murder Mystery 2 is a comedy sequel in which Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston reteam as crime fighting couple Nick and Audrey Spitz. Here’s the official synopsis…

Four years after solving their first murder mystery, Nick and Audrey Spitz are now full-time detectives struggling to get their private detective agency off the ground when they’re invited to celebrate their friend the Maharaja’s wedding on his private island. But the Spitzes are in trouble again when the groom is kidnapped for ransom shortly after the festivities begin, making every glamorous guest, family member, and the bride herself suspect.

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We are going to detail what happens at the end of Murder Mystery 2 as well as during the credits, so BEWARE OF SPOILERS AHEAD…

Explanation of the ending of Murder Mystery 2

Towards the end of Murder Mystery 2, it is revealed that former MI6 negotiator Miller, played by Mark Strong, is behind the kidnapping. Not for any political reason, just because he wants the money.

But at the top of the Eiffel Tower, the Spritz manage to thwart him and he throws most of the money overboard. He then plugs Miller into a chord that also sends him over the edge of the building. And directly into the blades of his accomplice’s helicopter, killing them both.

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But the movie doesn’t end there, as there is a second twist. The Maharaja’s sister, Saira, was involved, and Audrey notices her thanks to a smeared henna tattoo. Saira’s motive? She was upset that the family business went to her brother instead of her.

Saira grabs a gun and shoots her brother, but Colonel Ulenga, who earlier lost an arm to being shot by the Maharaja, springs into action and takes the bullet in his other arm. Thus saving the former boss from him. The Maharaja’s bride-to-be, Claudette, knocks out Saira.

With the plot thwarted, everyone lives happily ever after, with Claudette and the Maharaja eloping, and Nick and Audrey finally having their date in Paris.

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Does Murder Mystery 2 have a post credits scene?

No, Murder Mystery 2 does not have a post-credits scene. That’s in keeping with its predecessor, which also ended when the credits rolled.

But the movie establishes something through the final scene. The Maharaja bequeaths the Spritz a fortune for saving his life, which they use for a helicopter ride. The problem is that their pilot (from earlier in the movie) steals the money and jumps out of the helicopter.

The film ends with Nick and Audrey panicking midair as their helicopter begins to plummet towards the ground, meaning a sequel is required to find out if and how they survive.

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Murder Mystery 2 is streaming now, while you can read our review of the movie here.