Does Jake find love in the end?

noel’s diary is the latest installment in Netflix’s long line of romantic dramas. The film is set during Christmas time and is meant to make the audience feel the Christmas spirit, warmth and joy. The emotion-driven romance film arrived on Netflix on Thursday, November 24, 2022.

The film has been inspired by the novel of the same name by the renowned American author Richard Paul Evans. The author also served as the film’s screenwriter, along with Rebecca Connor, David Golden, and Charles Shyer (who is also the film’s director).

Ashley Rowe has served as the director of photography for noel’s diary, while Dara Taylor has acted as a music composer for the film. The Christmas special romantic drama film has been produced by Margret H. Huddleston, Stephanie Slack and Ridoyanul Hoq.

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The official synopsis of noel’s diary read:

“Cleaning out his childhood home for Christmas, a novelist (Justin Hartley) meets a scheming young woman (Barrett Doss) searching for her birth mother. Will an old diary reveal their past and their hearts?”

Since the film’s arrival on the streaming platform, it has already started receiving a lot of positive responses from viewers for its touching story, performances, and touching ending.

the end of netflix noel’s diary explained

What happens with Jake’s arrival in his hometown?

A still from The Noel Diary (Image via Netflix/YouTube)
A still from The Noel Diary (Image via Netflix/YouTube)

The movie noel’s diary tells the story of a famous spy thriller writer named Jake Turner who has to visit his hometown during the Christmas season after his mother passes away. From the beginning of the film, the audience can understand that the relationship with his parents was not ideal since he has not spoken to them in a long time.

It’s also very apparent that Jake doesn’t have any room for love in his life. However, after his visit to his hometown, Jake’s life changes forever. An unknown woman enters Jake’s old house while he is still there. The woman introduces herself as Rachel and is looking for Jake’s parents.

A still from The Noel Diary (Image via Netflix/YouTube)
A still from The Noel Diary (Image via Netflix/YouTube)

From the moment Rachel and Jake meet, sparks start to fly and it becomes clear that they are both attracted to each other. Rachel reveals to Jake that she is looking for her birth mother who she left behind when she was just a child. She also reveals that she has come to Jake’s old house since her biological mother used to work there as a babysitter for Jake and her older brother.

Later, the two learn from a neighbor that Jake’s father knows more about Rachel’s mother. Jake doesn’t want to visit her father, but Rachel urges him to come with her, and the two set off on a journey to meet Jake’s father.

Rachel back with Jake?

A still from The Noel Diary (Image via Netflix/YouTube)
A still from The Noel Diary (Image via Netflix/YouTube)

Throughout the entire trip, Jake and Rachel begin to develop strong feelings for each other. During her trip, at one point, Rachel finds a journal in Jake’s car that he has taken from her old house. The diary belongs to Rachel’s mother, Noel. In her diary, Rachel discovers that her mother became pregnant by her when she was only seventeen and not ready to raise a child on her own.

Therefore, he had to let Rachel go. It’s an extremely heavy time emotionally for Rachel and in that emotional time, Jake stands by her side, comforting her. When the two finally arrive at Jake’s father’s house, Jake talks to his father. His father accepts his mistakes and asks for his forgiveness. Jake forgives his father and the two reconcile.

A still from The Noel Diary (Image via Netflix/YouTube)
A still from The Noel Diary (Image via Netflix/YouTube)

Soon, Jake realizes that he is in love with Rachel. So, he rushes to tell her about her feelings. However, Rachel turns him down because she is already engaged to someone else. Jake’s heart is broken. But later, Rachel returns to Jake’s house because she has a crush on him too. The two share a passionate kiss. The movie, noel’s diary, it ends with the two starting a new life together.

noel’s diary it is currently streaming on Netflix.

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