Does Final Fantasy 16 have New Game Plus?

Published: 2023-05-26T19:27:29

Updated: 2023-05-26T19:27:39

Final Fantasy 16 promises to bring several new concepts into the mix. Amid these innovative elements, a burning question has arisen within the gaming community: Will Final Fantasy 16 feature a New Game Plus mode?

The concept of New Game Plus has been steadily growing in popularity among gamers. This feature, when implemented, allows players to continue their journey in a new save file after completing the game, with all equipment and accumulated stats intact.

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Given Final Fantasy 16’s JRPG genre, it’s undeniable that a New Game Plus option could greatly enrich the overall gaming experience.

Historically, Final Fantasy titles have been quite inconsistent with the New Game Plus implementation. Some have introduced it via a post-launch update, while others have chosen to forego it altogether.

Let’s find out if Final Fantasy 16 will feature New Game Plus mode from the start.

Is New Game Plus mode in Final Fantasy 16?

Good news for the Final Fantasy fandom: Final Fantasy 16 will feature a New Game Plus mode.

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This exciting development was confirmed during a Gematsu interview with some key members of the development team behind Final Fantasy 16.

Square Enix

Players will take control of Clive in FF16.

Hiroshi Takai, the Game Director, clarified:

“There is also New Game Plus, which transfers your game data and you can play again. And you can do it in story focused mode or action focused mode but for New Game Plus we also have a third mode that we are introducing called the Final Fantasy mode, which is not only more difficult, but also changes the location of the enemies and the enemies you fight, so it’s a completely different experience.

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Judging by Takai’s statement, it’s clear that the New Game Plus mode in FF16 doesn’t just stick to the norm. After completing the initial campaign with Clive, players can dive back into several modes other than New Game Plus to test their mettle.

What is FF 16 Final Fantasy mode?

Final Fantasy mode reportedly in FF16 increases the overall difficulty of the game, as well as drastically changing the location and order of enemies in the game.

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After completing a match of Final Fantasy 16, players will have the option to select Final Fantasy mode from the New Game Plus feature.

Combat Director Ryota Suzuki explained why they decided to add this new feature: “The main design philosophy is that the first game is about learning Clive, learning the controls, and then enjoying the story. In game two, we want to shift that focus, because the story hasn’t changed, to action.”

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Those looking for a challenge that ups the ante of the standard New Game Plus feature will want to give Final Fantasy Mode a try.

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