Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 Review and Recap: Emotional Farewell

Shin Divorce Lawyer Episode 6 brings people from Shin Sung-han’s past to the steps of his office and makes him reconsider his sister’s death. As Hyeong-geun prepares to say goodbye to her married life, he has held on to her.

The cast of the series includes Cho Seung-woo as Shin Sung-han, Han Hye-jin as Lee Seo-jin, Kim Sung-kyun as Jang Hyeong-geun, Jung Moon-sung as Jo Jeong-sik, Kang Mal- geum. as Kim So-yeon, Jeon Bae-soo as Park Yu-seok, Han Eun-seong as Choi June, Cha Hwa-yeon as Ma Geum-hee, and Noh Susanna as Jin Young-joo, among others.

Netflix’s synopsis for the show reads:


-Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 Review and Summary contains spoilers-

Episode 6 begins with a flashback to Ju-hwa in a convenience store on a rainy night. As she leaves the store, she receives a call that stuns her and, before she could recover, she accidentally runs onto the road where an oncoming truck hits her. This explains how she died herself, but also questions the identity of the person she called and what she might have said.

In the present day, Shin Sung-han visits the grave of his sister and parents, who are buried next to each other. It is actually Ju-hwa’s birthday, and the emotional Sung-han expresses his concerns to his family members, who rest in peace. He arrives at the office late, almost noon, but he awkwardly says good morning to everyone, which everyone finds strange and feels something is wrong.

While Sung-han is embarrassed by his awkward greeting, Gi-yeong’s grandmother, Ma Geum-hwi, comes looking for him at the office. Jeong-sik was apparently there as well and tries to send her off, but Hyeong-geun walks her to Sung-han’s room. Amazed by her visit, he greets her confused. But since we saw his personality in the last episode, he cuts to the chase and asks where Ju-hwa’s grave is.

Divorce Lawyer Shin Episode 6
Still from Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6

It turns out that she was not in the country when Ju-hwa died nor does she know where she is buried. Similarly, she doesn’t even know the ex-husband. The question irritates Sung-han, and as he controls her anger, he asks her to leave while she gives him her card, in case she needs a divorce consultation. But Grandma attacks again, repeating that her kindness is weakness, hinting that Ju-hwa’s tragic fate is her fault.

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Meanwhile, in the case of Professor Choi Jeong-ho, we see the family together for the first time, where mother Kim Ji-suk is furious that the girlfriend called her son, prompting him to return. While the son laments that he will give his liver to his father and no longer wants to live abroad due to his deteriorating mental health and panic attacks. When his mother refuses, he reminds her that she can then divorce him, so the girlfriend can donate and he can’t.

Ji-suk then visits the bride at her hair salon and creates an uproar by saying that she had to give up her career to become a housewife and takes out all his frustration on her. Later, at her divorce mediation, Sung-han replays a phone call from Ji-suk in which she clearly is angry that the insurance was canceled since she can’t claim the money after her death.

Divorce Lawyer Shin Episode 6
Still from Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6

The defendant’s lawyer rebuts him by saying that recording someone’s phone call without permission is illegal and will sue him. We later found out that it was all Sung-han’s plan and this was the criminal record he was talking about, as they only needed the proof of the wife’s true intent to show her priorities. And it worked in her favor when she agreed to a divorce.

With this case, Sung-han contemplates coloring the last grape and finally seeing the end of what he had determined. But he doesn’t fill it in right away and is interrupted by Lee Seo-jin, who congratulates him on a job well done. He also answers her question from the last episode by saying that his cases were different since the parents wanted to save themselves while Seo-jin wanted to save his son. While she also starts taking consultations by herself, as per Sung-han’s order.

There were some light moments where the trio continue to camp out together with Choi Jun, but his way of relaxing is much different than the new member’s, and fun moments emerge from their interactions. While Gi-yeong’s grandmother also questions Jin Yeong-ju about the grave and asks her to take Gi-yeong there. Here we learn that Yeong-ju and her husband were former lovers, before he met Ju-hwa, and her mother-in-law did not agree to her marriage.

Divorce Lawyer Shin Episode 6
Still from Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6

Irritated by the mention of Ju-hwa, she summons Park Yu-seok to get more information about him and decides to call him for a meeting. But when Sung-han sees the number on her phone, she remembers the day she visited the police station to check Ju-hwa’s call records and find out about the last person she called. It turns out that it is the same number with the ending 1225. But when she asked for her number that time, the police told her that it was her sister’s friend who happened to call her.

Even when Sung-han called, the number was out of service. Suddenly, after all these years, he receives a call from the same number, and when he answers, he meets the real person who last called his sister. Yeong-ju asks him to meet about something and even talk about Gi-yeong, but he refuses, saying that he will only talk to her father.

After finally learning the identity of the caller, Sung-han is convinced that Yeong-ju definitely had some role in Ju-hwa’s death. He goes to his office in a rage and colors the last grape and writes the number 1225. Even at the end of the episode, a man comes to consult, asks him to avoid the divorce and takes out Yeong-ju’s card saying that she told him . come.

Divorce Lawyer Shin Episode 6
Still from Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6

On the other hand, Hyeong-geun finally let Ji-eun go by filing for divorce and even buys a stroller for the child, as a last parting gift. While he is heartbroken in the restaurant, his tears stop falling when he sees his friends there, taking care of him.

Summing Up: Divorce Lawyer Shin Episode 6

The episode a mix of bittersweet moments. The professor’s divorce case definitely confused me, since I also felt bad for his wife, but his selfishness took over. Meanwhile, the chemistry between the three friends always brings a smile, and the portrayal at camp was accurate to the letter. Also, now that Sung-han has decided to take revenge, I’m excited to know what will happen next.

My guess is that Yeong-ju called Ju-hwa to tell her that she was having an affair with her husband, the whole time they were married. Or that she is pregnant with her daughter. Also, the mother-in-law’s laugh and her kind comment feels like she knows that her son is definitely not a good man and if Ju-hwa isn’t strong enough, her actions will hurt her and that’s what happened.

Shin Divorce Lawyer it is currently streaming on Netflix.

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