Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Pumpkins

Due to its location and the cost of Dreamlight, Forgotten Lands is likely to be the last biome to Disney Valley of Dreamlight players are unlocked as they progress through the game. While there isn’t currently much to do in the Forgotten Lands right now in Early Access, this biome is full of opportunities for players to obtain all sorts of valuable resources.

In addition to being the only place where players can get diamonds, the Forgotten Lands is also home to the most valuable vegetable in the entire game. The vegetable in question is pumpkins. This guide will show players how to get pumpkins and what they are used for.


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How to unlock the forgotten lands

Before Disney Valley of Dreamlight players can get their hands on Pumpkins, they will first need to open the Forgotten Lands. To do this, you will first need access to the Sunlit Plateau biome. Near the giant elephant skull is a ramp that leads to the Forgotten Lands. To enter the final biome, players will need to accumulate 15,000 Dreamlight.

How to get pumpkins

I eat many vegetables in Disney Valley of Dreamlight, Pumpkins do not grow naturally. Players must buy seeds and plant them. Of course, players will need to repair Goofy’s Post in the Forgotten Lands first. While the repair cost of 5,000 Star Coins might seem like highway robbery, it’s worth it as it unlocks Pumpkin Seeds for players.

What are pumpkins used for?

The most prominent use, initially, is to make meals with the Pumpkins. In fact, there are many recipes in the game that require Pumpkins. However, gourds have another purpose that makes them very valuable for Disney Valley of Dreamlight players. The cost of a single seed is 275 Star Coins. Farming that Pumpkin and then selling it nets players 664 Star Coins. A single pumpkin generates a net profit of 389 Star Coins. So if players plant a bunch of pumpkin seeds, they can make a huge profit in a few hours.

Players should note that the tradeoff for this is that Pumpkins take a long time to grow. Pumpkins take four hours to grow and need to be re-watered with the Royal Watering Can two hours after planting. So players can easily plant all of their Pumpkins and go back to other activities throughout the valley or help some Disney characters on a Friendship Quest while the Pumpkins grow.

If players want to earn even more money harvesting pumpkins, they should bring a companion with the Gardening Role who is as close to level 10 as possible. When harvesting a bunch of Pumpkins at once, a companion with the Gardener Role will provide players many free additional Pumpkins. Combine these two things and players basically have a license to print Star Coins.

This makes it significantly easier for players to upgrade not only their house, but everything else in the Village that can be upgraded. So if players need some Star Coins, they should head to the Forgotten Lands as soon as they can.

Disney Valley of Dreamlight is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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