Director Didier Ah-Koon and Mythology Expert Liv Albert Join TeamTO’s ‘Next Level: Odyssey’

TeamTO’s new animated series of action, adventure and comedy, Next level: Odyssey (26 x 26”) has added Didier Ah-Koon as director, as well as mythology expert Liv Albert, who provides background and accuracy on all Greek historical and literary references. The show, inspired by the book series “Panique dans la Mythologie” by Fabien Clavel and published by Rageot, is aimed at children from 6 to 10 years old. The studio plans to bring the series to the upcoming Cartoon Forum and MIPCOM 2022 events.

“Greek mythology is a topic that continues to fascinate young people around the world, sparking their imaginations,” said TeamTo co-founder and series producer Corinne Kouper. “We have a long-standing practice of hiring experts and consultants to ensure the authenticity and perfection of our storytelling. This wonderful and talented team not only ensures that we will have really interesting stories and backstories for our series, but also a high level of sophisticated comedy, which will be an important element of this show.”

Albert is a Canadian author and podcast host, Let’s talk about myths, baby!, which explores the world of mythology from an irreverent, feminist and comic point of view. She is also the author of “Greek Mythology: The Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes Handbook” and “Nectar of the Gods, From Hera’s Hurricane to the Appletini of Discord, 75 Mythical Cocktails to Drink Like a Deity.”

Ah-Koon directed the short film. cro minion (released on minions Blu-ray) and is the author of the comics “Perseus” (2019 Nickelodeon Kid’s Comic Book Choice Award winner) and “Minions.” Additionally, he has worked as a storyboard artist at studios including Illumination, Universal, and Sony, with credits that include The Lorax, My favourite villain 2Y the secret life of pets.

Here’s the synopsis for the TeamTO series:

One night, while playing video games at the Louvre where her father works, 11-year-old Kiran falls through a portal into the world of mythology where gods, goddesses, and fantastical creatures are doing their thing, and Kiran is mistaken for a kicking warrior! However, in order to return home, he must accept his mission: to save the legendary Greek king Odysseus. With the help of his new friend, the young goddess Leuki, Kiran discovers that being a hero takes more than strength and that life at home with his father, a workaholic archaeologist, wasn’t so bad after all. . Worlds collide in this retelling of the famous saga where the ordinary meets the extraordinary on a whole new level. The series is an original reimagining of a classic story about family, friendship, facing fear, and finding your inner power.

Source: TeamTO

photo by Debbie Diamond Sarto

Debbie Diamond Sarto is a news editor at Animation World Network.

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