Did Elisabeth win the hearts of the people? Is the show renewed for season 2?

The company gracefully arrived on Netflix on September 29, 2022 and won over the audience with its only hit. The German political drama is now one of the best series on the OTT platform right now, and with good reason. Its gripping narrative of Empress Sisi’s life story is beautifully presented on screen with a cast that raises your expectations exponentially.

Spanning six episodes covering the plot during the first season, the historical drama was co-created by Katharina Eyssen and Lena Stahl and stars Devrim Lingnau as the main lead, Philip Froissant as Emperor Franz Joseph I, Melika Foroutan as Archduchess Sofia, that is, the mother of the emperor. , Johannes Nussbaum as Maximilian, i.e. the emperor’s brother and more.

Netflix’s official synopsis for the series reads:


-Empress ending explained contains spoilers-

Following the marriage of Sissi and Emperor Franz Joseph, the former must assume a status of authority due to her title. However, the Archduchess has her own agendas to fulfill and she is not yet ready to loosen the ropes of her own rule of the kingdom. She simply cannot accept Elisabeth’s rebellious ideas of mixing with the common people and goes to great lengths to rebuke her position.

The end of the empress

The Archduchess is not the only carrier of such schemes seeking to conspire against Elisabeth. Sissi’s brother-in-law, Maximilian, who also fell in love with her during the initial course of the episodes, has his own vengeful cards up his sleeve, hoping to overcome her brother’s reign.

The final final arc of the final episode titled The God who has sent us freedom weaves a complex map intertwining the purpose of each character, leaving no stone unturned. We have to look into the complications to understand everything that happened in the end, and that’s what we’re going to do.

The Empress Ending Explained

Johannes Nussbaum easily stepped into the shoes of the Emperor’s conniving brother. He spent all his sweat and tears in his attempts to overthrow his brother’s government. Unfortunately, in the end, he was met with a miserable response from all sides. Franz discovers the truth behind his facade and the Tsar’s army retreats to the other side.

There is no doubt that he has committed treason and is also arrested for the same. So, his schemes didn’t go well in the end after all, resulting in an even worse disposition than before.

The Empress Ending Explained

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As far as the Archduchess is concerned, her plans pay off (at least for a while) as Elisabeth decides to return to her homeland, removing the “distraction” that interrupts Franz’s “leadership”. However, while packing up her things, she discovers that she is pregnant after several attempts to fulfill her “sole duty” to her as the Archduchess pronounced it. She keeps it a secret, revealing the truth only to Countess Apafi, i.e. Ava.

The Archduchess had also previously condemned Countess Esterhazy, her chief lady-in-waiting to escort Elisabeth out of the kingdom and stay by her side, due to failing to get Elisabeth pregnant. She was removed from her position of trust, and despite her multiple pleas and her utter pleas to be allowed to stay by her side, Archduchess Sophie shows no mercy.

On the other hand, Countess Amalia (Hanna Hilsdorf) was determined to expose Ava’s true identity, but in a fight, the former falls from the railing and dies instantly. Ava even has her partner Egon killed while she alerts the Emperor’s man of honor about the assassination attempt, and it appears that she has decided to stay on as the false maid of honor but that she shares her conscience. with Elizabeth.

The end of the empress

As the common crowd charges towards the gates of the royal palace, Franz orders the guards to eliminate them all, which the Archduchess finds rather pleasant when she finally sees him take control as the Emperor he always wanted him to be. Simultaneously, Elisabeth approaches the iron gate in her carriage as she was meant to leave. However, hearing the cries of a baby in the crowd, she is again overcome with a sense of empathy for the people, recalled by the thought of her own child soon to be born to her.

Defying all norms, he walks out, the pain in his heart peaking as he firmly exclaims “I see you,” hoping to make his pain and grief feel validated. As she announces her own pregnancy to the public for the first time, Franz also arrives at the scene, descending from her lofty vantage point. Elisabeth embraces people in the crowd, establishing her own presence and stance in the kingdom with poise and earning people’s trust at the same time.

The Empress Season 2: Has the show been renewed for another run?

Now reigning in the top 5 Netflix shows, the series has yet to be officially renewed. No word from the horse’s mouth has reached our ears, but in time we hope The company return simply because it would be a tragic failure if it did not. Netflix shows often take their own time to adapt, but since the period drama only premiered a week ago, it’s already garnered plenty of positive praise. It would be a shame not to bring back our beloved members of the Viennese court at this time.

Some other series saw the light of day with the announcement of their sequels only after a month. Perhaps the royalty of Devrim Lingnau will follow the same path.

The end of the empress

If we get word of the show’s return for another installment, we’d expect to see most of the previous characters resume their respective journeys in season 2, except maybe Countess Amalia (Hanna Hilsdorf), as she’s obviously dead.

In terms of the direction the sequel may head, it will likely pick up on the reveal that Elisabeth is, in fact, pregnant. Her final acknowledgment and acceptance by the public as theirs will also nullify the royal house’s chain of command. Her original plan was to go to her mother’s home and in the end, she is still mad at her husband as well.

Her relationship with both Franz and Sophie is sure to take a new turn. The Archduchess seemed to have been relieved at Elisabeth’s departure, but now that she has fulfilled her ostensible “sole duty of siring an heir”, she will no longer be able to assert her demands on Sissi. Furthermore, Maxilian’s ulterior motives have also been revealed to Franz, which will also change the pace between the two brothers, as Franz’s perception of Maximilian was already gradually souring.

Each of these dynamics will take their shape once the second season is definitively confirmed. Until then, all we can do is hope for the best.

The six episodes of The company are streaming on Netflix.

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