Diablo 4: How to get out of dungeons (3 ways)

Dungeons are at the forefront of the Diablo 4 experience, and the dev team has put some nifty systems around them, like making the process of leaving them super simple. While previous Diablo titles had dungeons, exiting after clearing them wasn’t a seamless experience. The same thing happened in the initial beta builds of Diablo 4, but thankfully, that’s changed forever. So, in this guide, let’s learn how to get out of the dungeon after finishing it.

There may be some scenarios where you also want to get out of a dungeon early. Sometimes it can be because you run out of potions or want to improve your equipment. Other times, it may be after completing the dungeon. Whichever the case, Diablo 4 ensures that doing so is a simple process with two specific ways.

1. Use the ‘Exit Dungeon’ option

Diablo 4 ensured that when players complete a dungeon, they won’t have to retrace their steps to get out of it. To combat this problem, Diablo 4 has a special option to exit the dungeon. To use it, do the following:

  • Press “E” on your keyboard to bring up the radial menu. This menu is what we use to invite players in Diablo 4, check out your gear, and even use gestures like Thank You and more. For console players, press the button up on the D-Pad.
  • In the radial menu, select the “Exit Dungeon” menu. This will cause your class character to summon a yellow portal and teleport right outside the dungeon gates.

Following the above steps will make you leave the dungeon in Diablo 4 immediately. It takes you right outside so you can continue your journey through the game.

2. Teleport using Town Portal in Diablo 4

The other alternative to getting out of the dungeon is to use the Diablo 4 city portal, or as I like to call it, the blue teleporter. Town Portal is a general teleportation ability that a player can use. Using it opens a portal in Kyovashad (in the beta version), which players can reuse to return to the portal’s point of origin. To do it, press the T button on your keyboard to open the portal and respawn in Kyovashad.

This is a great option for players looking to break out of the dungeon in Diablo 4 and immediately start playing with the loot they’ve amassed. Also, this option allows you to exit the dungeon mid-exploration to fix your gears or upgrade them and return to the dungeon.

3. Go back to the dungeon entrance

The last way out of a dungeon in Diablo 4 is the old way back. As the title suggests, just open the map and retrace your steps to the dungeon entrance. This is perfect for players who want to double check if they dropped any loot on the ground or not.

However, unless you have no purpose other than simply collecting uncollected loot, we recommend against this method. After all, why bother wasting time on menial tasks, when you can annihilate the forces of hell?