Devolver Digital Teases New Game Announcement

Indie game publisher Devolver Digital reveals that there will be an announcement of an entirely new game later this week.

Return Digital has a rich history of publishing smaller-scale video games that end up receiving critical acclaim and fan adoration in due course. titles like Hotline Miami, encryptionand more recently cult of the lamb are just a few examples of independent titles that helped Devolver make a name for themselves.

This apparent trend may continue sooner rather than later, as Devolver Digital has just revealed that there will be a new game announcement later this week. This announcement of an announcement isn’t too revealing on its own, but fans of the company’s previous publishing efforts should have a good idea of ​​the scope and scale of this unannounced project.


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There’s almost nothing specific to suggest what the soon-to-be-announced Devolver Digital game could be, but the publisher has only really focused on independent productions in the past. While there is a world of difference between a game like cult of the lamb Y Carrionfor example, the two titles are still relatively small projects with limited budgets that don’t focus on cutting-edge graphics to attract gamers. With that in mind, the mysterious new title is sure to be in line with other games shown during Devolver Digital’s June Showcase, where gaming is king.

At the same time, it could be argued that Devolver Digital has been upping the stakes in recent years. the brave squire It features some incredibly impressive design work that isn’t too common even in the AAA space. While the publisher once worked on pixel art games almost exclusively, the latest announcements from him paint a more ambitious picture of Devolver than some expected.

In fact, the recently announced blazing fast FPS foot of anger He looks like a slick, brutal shooter who punches above his weight in areas of gameplay and polish. All of the aforementioned examples demonstrate how consistent Devolver has been since its inception and serve as a kind of quality seal for fans of the publisher’s output. Finding some of the most exciting indie developers and helping them bring their projects to life has been Devolver’s publishing focus since the beginning, and this too will continue to move forward.

In that regard, it may be worth noting that Sony recently invested in Devolver Digital, increasing the market value of the independent publisher. This, combined with Devolver’s track record of pushing successful indie darlings, may have emboldened the studio more than ever. So while no one knows what the mysterious announcement might be, it seems like a safe bet that it will be something indie fans will want to keep an eye out for.

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