Designer Kathy Rose Launches Argyle & Valentine Limited Edition, a Los Angeles-Based Jewelry and Lifestyle Brand

Having designed and presented limited-edition and custom jewelry for Kaviar & Kind and Roseark, two Los Angeles boutiques she co-founded, kathy rose is opening a new chapter in the spring of 2023. His latest adventure, called Argyle and Valentine, is an online and physical concept store driven by a respect for nature and a love of human art and craft. powered by pink appreciation for rare handcrafted luxuries, the company’s title is derived from his sons’ middle name. “Our vision and mission,” she explained in a phone interview, “is to offer one-of-a-kind, limited-edition treasures that incorporate organic materials, refined craftsmanship, unparalleled beauty, energies, and techniques created by independent designers and makers. Argyle and Valentine presents creations by artisans and fine artists that are not available anywhere else.”

While Argyle & Valentine launched on March 20, 2023, a full website will be available by the end of April 2023. According to jewelry designer Karma El Khalil, whose Rose career began more than 20 years ago, “Love is Kathy’s raison d’être is why she produces and presents jewelry, art and lifestyle luxuries sought after by people around the world.” As Rose said, “ will retail online, as well as offer private appointments virtually and in person. The website,” he continued, “was born out of my desire to work closely with a group of designers and manufacturers to curate significant jewelry and other collectibles for people looking for things that are unusually beautiful. I also designed the site to be a virtual aesthetic haven and a pleasurable online shopping experience.” Since the 1990s, Rose’s custom pieces and high-end custom jewelry designs have been collected by clients in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Miami, and creative artists and jewelry collectors such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Elizabeth Taylor and Meryl Streep.

While Rose’s designs often involve nature-based motifs such as wings, feathers, talons, snakes, talons, moons, and other celestial bodies, her bejeweled creatures have a lifelike, full-bodied realism that is naturally elegant: his designs are the opposite of literal and sentimental symbolism. Designing with equal ease in 18k gold, platinum, and sterling silver, Rose also has an abundance of organically baroque sterling and turquoise jewelry in her portfolio. The hundreds of jewelry she has created are distinguished by integrity of design, finesse of craftsmanship, superb materials, and heirloom value. (All of Rose’s jewelry was and is handcrafted by master artisans in Los Angeles.)

In the realm of residential rarities, Argyle & Valentine will feature curated furniture designed by Rose, various fine lifestyle products, and fine art. “I’m working on custom furniture designs, lighting and more,” she said. “These pieces are made in various metals in workshops in Los Angeles.” Argyle & Valentine’s initial offering also includes an essential oil of the same name and gemstone candle collection housed in solid green onyx and smooth gray marble containers. “Our scents include crushed rose and ruby, crushed pine and emerald crystals, crushed lavender and amethyst,” Rose noted.

Rose further fulfills Argyle & Valentine’s artisan mission by offering a curated selection of 19he turn-of-the-century European heritage diamond jewelry; and sleek, contemporary jewelry like her “Rattlesnake” necklace crafted from baguette diamonds, platinum, and 18-karat white gold. Some of Argyle & Valentine’s unique jewelery includes the Jes Maharry ‘Sun is Rising’ 18k yellow gold and diamond bracelet. Featuring a diamond-centered sunbeam, this talismanic piece is inscribed with uplifting messages within. Harnessing the universal human affinity for sunlight and solar energy, Maharry’s bracelet suits those who desire jewelry made with refined craftsmanship, radiant beauty, and poetry.

Perez Bitan’s one-of-a-kind, “Botanical Rarities” multi-layered leaf necklace and leafy tendril tiara in sterling silver exemplify Argyle & Valentine’s artisanal and nature-based spirit. The same goes for K. Brunini’s iridescent opal, ruby, and diamond earrings set in reclaimed copper pieces treated with proprietary patinas and riveted with 18-carat gold. K. Brunini founder, goldsmith and jewelry designer Katey Brunini, observed: “It’s relatively rare for a high-end boutique owner to work with the same designers for decades. After 25 years of working with Kathy Rose in various incarnations,” Brunini said, “I see her as a creative force capable of transcending trends and creating a legacy.”

Other jewelry designers to be featured by Argyle & Valentine include House of RAVN, which in addition to jewelry is creating intricately detailed chess sets of 18-karat gold and precious stones made using the lost wax method. Regarding the Elyse Jacob collection, Rose commented: “These jewels have a polished yet classic punk silhouette that is very elegant in 18k gold with inverted pink diamonds and pearls. It’s a sculptural look, fiercely elegant with angular sparkles and shimmering pearls.”

Manya and Roumen, who have been working with Rose for several years, are also part of the Argyle & Valentine family, as is Los Angeles-based Native American designer Stormie, who creates primal elegance beaded jewelry that Mick wears. on and off stage. Jagger, among others. Then there’s Malibu-based One Moon Cashmere, with whom Rose collaborates on 18k gold feather moon necklaces encrusted with celestial diamonds, plus high-impact jewelry designer Mariella Pilato. Delhi-based Hanut Singh, whose signature pieces incorporate precious gemstones and timeless Art Deco/futuristic/tribal silhouettes, and Dagmar Zaragoza, who creates custom beaded evening bags and purses, also enliven the mix of Argyle and Valentine.

While Soundbody’s 18k gold concept jewelry is the pinnacle of elegance, Rose noted, “Acid Queen Jewelry has created unique and irresistible statement pieces for us, like a lapis lazuli and crystal dungarees necklace. I am proud to champion all of these artists,” she said. “I am delighted to be mentoring Rio Caster,” she said. “Rio Caster is 20 years old and carves his own waxes to create highly detailed, gender-fluid jewelry that is stylistically distinctive and immediately recognizable. It’s an adventure to work with him and watch his evolution.”

Designer Hanut Singh said it’s only natural for Rose to reach this point in her career. “Kathy has been spotting talented jewelers, designers and other creators for decades,” she recounted. “She has nurtured many of us on a journey of creativity and collaboration. She leads the Zeitgeist and helps foster the people and processes that make life more meaningful and beautiful.” While Rose is too modest to say it, she has always been a trendsetter and risk taker. In Argyle & Valentine she has created a 21street 21st century collective of applied arts living online and in the physical world. “It’s amazing to work with artisans and artists who are so consistently original and creatively adventurous,” he said. “I am constantly amazed at his ability to create unusual, charming, and life-enhancing treasures.” For product information or to book personal appointments virtually or physically, customers can contact: [email protected]

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